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Bull Barriers

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Bull Barrier Temporary Crash Barrier System

The Bull Barrier system is an all-steel barrier system with an innovative design perfect for defending your workforce from passing traffic. The Bull barrier system is known for having an ultra-fast installation time when compared to similar products.

Built and tested to withstand vehicle impacts at up to 50mph, the Bull Barrier system has a T2 W6 crash rating. It has also been wind tested and held steady with winds of up to 54mph. All of this is achieved without the need for any ballast! This is a huge benefit as it means there is no potentially contaminated waste to dispose of at the end of a job, something that is always an issue with water-filled barriers.

Deployment of the entire system could not be easier, the heaviest item is only 46 Kg, that is 10kg lighter than their nearest alternative. This lightweight yet durable design means the deployment of the barriers to be carried out by two workers without any heavy lifting equipment.

Key Features:

  • Crash Tested to T2 W6 - Withstanding a car impact of 50mph at an acute angle.
  • Quick to install - Easily installed by two workers without the need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • Optional Reinforcement Bar - Boost the performance of this barrier by adding a reinforcement beam to its side.
  • Optional Fence Tops - Increase the height of the Bull Barrier with short and high mesh fence top sections.
  • Many Accessories - These include terminal ends, corner sections, pedestrian and vehicle gateways.
  • Requires no separate ballast - No waste to get rid of at the end of the job, or water to source before the job.
Bull Barriers setup with corner barrel

Where Is The Bull Barrier System Used?

The bull barrier system is especially suitable for use wherever a temporary crash barrier is needed to protect the public or a workforce. They are frequently deployed along the sides of road works, pedestrianised areas and construction sites.

The curved design ensures that vehicles and pedestrians are kept apart from each other. To further enhance public safety anti-climb pedestrian fences can be added to boost the height. This allows the barrier to form a fence around a construction site, a brilliant alternative to traditional Herras fencing options.

Other Uses:

  • Events - Provide security by preventing vehicle access to areas where pedestrian traffic is high.
  • Crowd Control - Restrict access to areas by using full-height fence tops barriers as an effective crowd barrier.
  • Temporary Pavements & Walkways - Divert pedestrians safely alongside active roadways.
  • Site Security - Prevent access to construction sites where there are potential dangers.
Bull barriers being used to create footpath

Bull red base section

Base Section

Available in red or white, features a locking tab at each end and lifting points for easy transport.

pedestrian height fence

Short Fence Top

Suitable for areas with little vehicle traffic where the height of the barrier just needs increasing.

Sloping end/start sections

End Terminals

A ramped end that finishes a run of barrier in a pedestrian and vehicle-friendly manor.

corner drum being utalised to make a 90 degree angle on site

Corner Drums

Allow the barriers to turn sharp corners at nearly any angle, they can also be used as an alternative terminal block.

secured compound with anti-climb fence tops

Anti-Climb Fence

Suitable for use in areas with high pedestrian traffic perfect for traffic pedestrian separation.

Bull Barrier Vehicle Gates


Available in both pedestrian sizes and vehicle sizes. Allowing for easy access where needed.

reinforcement bard installed with mesh top

Reinforcement Bar

Required to bring the barrier up to specification to stop a vehicle travelling at 50mph.

East To Store And Transport

Compared to the alternative barriers such as concrete and water-filled these barriers are very easy to transport and very space-efficient. A single lorry load can transport 216 barriers to site.

Not Sure If The Bull Barrier System Is Right For You?

Give our sales team a call today and discuss your requirements, they will happily assist you in finding the right protective barrier system for your needs. They are available during office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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