Ground Protection Mats

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Ground Protection Systems

Ground protection mats are a relatively new product to the market, they offer a cost-effective way to protect grass areas and other sensitive ground from heavy equipment and even foot traffic. Interlocking couplers ensure that the mats do not become separated during use, and can easily be removed when the mats are no longer required.

Providing traction in all weather conditions, our ground mats have course tread patterns that ensure traffic can reach where it needs to be even if it rains.

Tuff Trak Ground Protection Mats

What are common applications for temporary ground protection?

There are many applications where temporary road mats are required, this may be to prevent an area from becoming boggy, or to prevent vehicles from sinking and damaging the underlying soil.

Caravan Siting

Caravan sites rely on their pristine appearance to attract residents and visitors, after all, no one wants to camp on a site with torn up turf and mud. Track matting allows sites to bring in heavy vehicles when moving static caravans on and off site without causing damage.

Temporary Roadways

When construction needs to be carried out in a remote area vehicles supplying materials may have to cross fields and lawns to gain access. Temporary road mats can be linked together forming a road that will not only offer stability to crossing vehicles but also protect underlying turf.


During events, especially those such as music festivals, airshows and car shows there is often a lot of traffic passing on foot between different areas. Our ground matting systems can be laid to make temporary walkways, preventing British summer rain from turning your event into a slippery mud pit.


When carrying out construction work around a property, not only can ground reinforcement be used to provide temporary roadway access, it can be used to provide stability for lifting equipment by supporting outriggers and preventing sinkage.

EuroMat Vs EnduraMat

Although these two mat systems may look very similar they do have a few subtle differences that we have covered below;

Our Product Code1208112601
Grip Tread Side AVehicle Course TreadVehicle Course Tread
Grip Tread Side BFine Pedestrian TreadFine Pedestrian Tread
Hand Holds86
Large Hand Holds
For Gloves
Matt Surface Finish
Improved Traction
Storage & Transport
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Why do we stock two types?

We carry two different types to support customers who are already invested in one or the other system. Although in some circumstances the systems can be used together, we do not recommend this.

Different Colours

The difference in colour is purely down to the composition of each mat system, and only has any real effect on the visual aspects of the mat. The EnduraMat is a lighter grey colour, and the EuroMat is black.

Hand Holds

You will find that the EnduraMat has two more hand holds than the EuroMat for easier handling.

Different Tread patterns

Both mats feature tread patterns on both sides, the both have two different patterns, a coarse side and a fine side depending on which traffic type is passing over it.

Why Buy From Start Traffic?

We carry all of our mats and couplers in stock, on the shelf. We are therefore able to offer express delivery services as well as bulk discounts. We can even offer same day dispatch and delivery to many areas.

100% Recyclable

All our mats can be recycled, this is an important factor for us and many of our customers.

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