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Traffic Cylinders For Delineation Of Road Traffic

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Showing 1 to 24 of 24 (1 Pages)

Traffic Cylinders

Traffic cylinders serve a very similar purpose to traffic cones. They differ in that they are often installed permanently. They can often be seen installed where road layouts have changed, such as preventing old “cut throughs” from being used on dual carriageways.

Our range cylinders are available in either rigid designs or flexible designs. The flexible variety is designed to take being run over many many times without cracking or failing. The rigid designs are also durable but designed to offer some “resistance” to being run over. They will however still yield to an impact from a speeding vehicle.

There are versions available with portable bases for use in car parks and other environments where the traffic demands and flow constantly change.

Traffic Delineator Posts

Easy to install

We offer fixings to go with all of our cylinders, to ensure that they stay secure and fixed in place. We have a handy video which can be viewed on this page that shows the complete process of installing a traffic cylinder.

Delineation of Traffic

Traffic cylinders can be very useful during long-term roadworks where space is tight and traditional cones would take up too much space. They offer guidance to drivers as to where the lane that they are meant to be in is. Improving safety for everyone in the area. Retroreflective sleeves are fitted to all of our delineators, making them road legal when installed or placed correctly.

Only looking for spare parts?

No problem, we have spare bases, and even tops for all of these products. Replacement sleeves can also be supplied where required. If you cannot find the part or item you are looking for give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875 they will be happy to assist you.

Still Not Sure?

Many of the products in this area share similar names, here are some similar products;

Verge Marker photo

Verge Markers

These reflective markers are used to indicate changes in direction of the road. Normally on country roads.

Bollard photo


These are used to prevent access to areas. They can also be used to prevent vehicles reversing into buildings or other equipment.

Traffic Cones photo

Traffic Cones

Everyone knows what these are, and they are frequently seen around road works.

Speak to An Advisor

Not sure which product best meets your needs? We are here to help, call our sales office on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will assist you in finding the right item for your requirements

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