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PPE Eye Protection

Eye Protection Products And Accessories

Our range of eye protection is a core part of our PPE offering. We stock all common types of eye protection on the shelf. Our wide range includes safety spectacles, over spectacles, goggles and full face shields, ensuring you can get the safety eyewear you need when you need it.

Eye protection in its most basic form is a type of PPE that protects both eyes from injury or irritation caused by foreign objects entering the eyes. The type and level of protection you require will very much depend on the work you are carrying out; for example, a person using a grinder will potentially need a very different level of PPE eye protection from a person who is mixing chemicals and needs chemical splash goggles.

With our extensive range of eye PPE at your disposal, you can help improve your worksite safety by making eye injuries a thing of the past. Whether you are protecting yourself from flying solid debris, dust or even liquids, we have something for you and your staff.

Worker On An Oil Rig Wearing JSP Thermex Goggles

Getting The Right Eye Protection

To choose the right type of eye protection, it helps to be familiar with the following; The types of hazards and the types of eye protection available, and what the markings and ratings on eye PPE protection mean. With all this in mind and a good workplace safety risk assessment, you will be in a much better position to make an informed choice on the type of eye protection required.

Key Types Of Hazards Requiring Eye Protection



This hazard category includes liquid splashes, droplets, fumes and gasses. You can find these hazards in almost every industry sector, from manufacturing to food production.

Molten Metal Sparks


These physical hazards include flying objects and molten metal caused by power tools, machinery and manufacturing processes. Once again, this hazard is relatively universal and is present in most industries.



These hazards include light glare, infrared heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Some of these hazards are unique to specific industries; however, UV radiation can impact anyone working outside.

CNC Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Laser Light

This hazard can be generated by CNC laser cutters, measuring equipment and other equipment that uses lasers of various wavelengths.

Key Types Of Eye Protection PPE

Worker With JSP Stealth 16g Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Most people are familiar with this type of eye protection. They come in a form similar to regular prescription eyewear, making them comfortable to wear all day long. These are available with many features, from lightweight designs to those that look like sunglasses and everything in between.

  • You can comfortably wear it all day.
  • Available in a range of styles.
  • Not suitable for chemical hazards, dust and gasses.
Worker With JSP Stealth Coverlite Overspecs Over Prescription Glasses

Safety Overspecs

This format may be the right choice if you wear prescription glasses and want some safety specs. Safety over glasses can be worn over the top of your everyday eyewear, allowing you to see in focus whilst offering improved impact protection for your eyes. Contrary to some common misconceptions, prescription glasses are no substitute for proper eye protection.

  • You can comfortably wear it all day.
  • Available in a range of styles.
  • Not suitable for chemical hazards, dust and gasses.
Railway Worker Wearing Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are the next step up the ladder from safety glasses and over specs; they offer improved protection to the areas around the eyes. They generally can be worn with prescription eyewear and have a seal around the outside. Depending on the model, they can be airtight, keeping hazardous gasses away from the eye's sensitive tissues. The greater contact area with the face means that these are often rated for more significant impacts.

  • You can wear these over spectacles.
  • Suitable for all hazard categories (model dependant.)
  • It can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods.
Worker With JSP C2 Face Shields Protecting From Mechanical Risks

Face Shields

Although not strictly exclusively for eye protection, face shields, like the name suggests, offer protection to the whole face; this includes the eyes. Face shields can provide a primary layer of defence that you can wear over safety spectacles to protect the face from larger flying debris, such as those caused when cutting disks fail.

  • They protect the whole face
  • Great for splashes and impacts
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Not suitable for use with gasses and ultra-fine dust.

EN Markings To Understand Before Purchasing Your Protective Eyewear

The manufacturer will have applied EN markings to the lens and frame of any safety glasses or goggles you purchase. These will indicate the performance of the eyewear in terms of its resistance to hazards and other elements. Below you will find full details on how to understand these markings.

Lens Marking: 5

This marking indicates that the lens is suitable for use whilst working with acetylene torches with a flow of 70-200 litres/hr.


This EN166 marking indicates that the safety glasses have been tested to comply with EN166 and validate the other markings on the eye protection.

Optical Clarity

1 - High clarity, you can wear these continuously all day long.

2 - Medium clarity, suitable for occasional use only.

3 - Low clarity, suitable for infrequent use or use for short periods only.

Mechanical Strength Markings

Indications Of Suitable Hazard Usage

Manufacturers Trademark Symbol

This marking indicates who manufactured the item of PPE. On a frame, this may be the first included symbol.

Optional Markings

  • K - Resistance to scratches & surface damage caused by fine particles. - Keeps your glasses haze and scratch free for longer
  • N - Anti mist - This is ideal for those working in environments where changes in temperature can fog up the lenses
  • H - Frame suitable for wearers with smaller heads

All Lens Shade Suffixes

 Light Transmission (LTV)Lens ShadeFunction
1-1.274.4% - 100%ClearClear Lens ColourSuitable for use in good visibility conditions.
5-1.458.1% - 74.4%Indoor / OutdoorIndoor/Outdoor LensIdeal when moving between indoors and outdoors.
5-1.748% - 56%
5-2.517.8% - 29.1%Mid SmokeMid Smoke Lens ColourCrisp optics and good colour recognition.
5-3.18.5% - 17.8%SmokeSmoked Lens ColourFor direct sunlight and bright glare.
5-2.517.8% - 29.1%Blue MirrorBlue Mirror Lens ColourProtects from sun glare with a better light transmission than smoked lenses.
5-3.18.5% - 17.8%PolarisedPolarised LensIdeal for driving & working around water.
2-1.274.4%-100%YellowYellow Coloured LensOffers sharpness & contrast. Primary function to block blue light.

Other Types Of Personal Protective Equipment

If you require other PPE to go with your eye protection, then we have just what you need available off the shelf. Some of our most popular PPE categories include:

Boot Protection Range

Work Boots

Keep Your feet safe with our wide range of work boots and safety shoes. We offer everything from waterproof boots for winter months to lightweight safety trainers for summer warehouse use.

Fall Protection

Fall Safety Equipment

We stock a full range of harnesses and lanyards to keep you safe when working at height on site. Choose from a wide range of brands, including budget and premium designs.


Industrial Safety Helmets

Hard Hats

Browse our range of head protection products, including helmets. We stock a range of models in various colours and styles to suit many applications.

ATG Work Gloves

Safety Gloves

Keep your fingers and hands warm and safe from abrasions, cuts, chemical burns and more with our wide range of safety gloves.

Respiratory Protection Equipment


If you work with hazardous dust or chemicals that give off potent fumes, you will want to look at our range of respiratory protection products.

Need Help Finding The Right Eye Protection For your Needs?

We are here to help you find the right safety products for your needs; whether you are working down a mine, on a building site or in a sausage factory, we have what you need. Speak to one of our safety experts today, who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right PPE to keep you safe at work. Our friendly staff are available on +44 (0)1905 794875 during regular working hours.

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