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Plastic Barriers

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Plastic Safety Barriers

Plastic barriers come in many formats, from the lightweight post and chain systems right through to water filled and pedestrian barrier systems.

Almost all of our plastic barriers are produced in a UV stabilised material and can be used outside without deteriorating in the sun.

The plastics used are able to withstand British weather conditions with ease, surviving extreme cold, wet and even some sun. The lack of metal ensures that you will not have to deal with rusting parts.

Plastic safety barriers are available in a greater range of colours than is available with metal barriers. The vibrancy of the colours used is not just a coating and will not scrape off or become rusted.

Lightweight And Easy To Move

When compared to metal plastic barrier fencing is lighter in weight and far easier to deploy. As these barriers can be easily moved by hand transportation costs are vastly cheaper. More barriers can be moved in a vehicle and once offloaded two workers can quickly and efficiently install many units.

Still Durable And Hard Wearing

The ability to mould complex shapes into the barrier makes them capable of interlocking and offers stability once installed. Unlike metal barriers plastic barriers are also able to “pop back into shape” if they get run over or damaged. Metal barriers tend to form a memory and once bent or malformed, stay that way.

No Theft Incentive

By removing the metal from the barrier the incentive to steal that barricade for scrap metal value is vastly reduced.

Key Plastic Safety Barrier Types

There are so many types of plastic road barriers available, so we have just covered the most popular types below for a quick reference.


If you are looking for a barrier to control pedestrians around roadworks or construction works, then you will likely be looking for something like the Avalon Barrier or Tough Barrier. Both of these barriers have high visibility banding and vibrant colouring.


Whether water filled or self-weighted these barriers are ideal for keeping cars away from people. They are simple to use and light when empty, but solid and immobile when filled. Some of these plastic road barriers can be used with fence tops to increase their height, improving pedestrian safety.


This includes the folding barriers such as the safegate and utility gate. These are used around manholes, maintenance works and other small-scale works. They incorporate the required high visibility banding to stand out and be seen.


Expanding barriers such as the Expanda barrier are ideal for creating a “pop-up” barrier to close off an escalator or aisle in a supermarket. They are lightweight and very compact for easy mobility.

What type of plastic barrier should I buy?

Still not sure? Give our sales team a call and they will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right system for your needs. They can be contacted by phone on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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