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Picnic Benches

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Picnic Table and Bench Sets

Picnic benches (or picnic tables) offer a public seating area with a table, usually in larger public spaces such as parks, picnic areas and riversides. The distinctive feature of a picnic bench is its table positioned between the benches on either side.

Picnic benches usually come as a one-piece, fully connected set, with bars connecting each of the table legs to the bench legs. That said, some modern styles of bench (like the Silaos picnic bench) feature free-standing items individually bolted or concreted into the ground.

At Start Safety, we have a wide range of picnic benches for sale. From stylish, modern solutions to more traditional, all-wood sets, we stock the perfect picnic set for your outdoor area.

picnic bench and table sets made from wood

Wheelchair Accessibility

The majority of our picnic benches are available in a wheelchair-accessible version. These versions have either an offset support structure (like the Seville picnic bench) to allow for wheelchair access, or they boast an extended table (like the Riga Picnic table), adding a seating position to the table instead of replacing an existing one.

Wheelchair Accessible Procity Seville Picnic Bench and Table Set


Our picnic benches and tables are constructed using robust frames, (typically made from iron or steel), although all-wood benches also incorporate wooden frames. Steel frames can be personalised with your preferred finish (e.g. galvanisation) and colour (just let us know the RAL colour!). The seat and table tops are created using high-quality, long-lasting materials to offer lasting durability and comfort. You have the choice of using steel, wood or recycled plastic; each is capable of weathering erosion by the elements as well as long-term heavy use.

For an environmentally conscious choice, our wooden picnic tables and the recycled plastic picnic benches have the least long-term impact on the environment (however, they are less durable in certain conditions than our full steel versions, for example). These kinds of benches tend to be more comfortable than their metal counterparts but are less resistant to the vandalism typically associated with higher-density urban areas.

Metal benches are generally more durable and are lower maintenance than their more environmentally friendly counterparts. This being said, metal benches are often more expensive, less comfortable and heavier.

Procity Silaos Recycled Plastic Picnic Bench And Table Set

Factors to Consider

Regardless of the outdoor environment in which you intend to install a bench, its construction can offer significant benefits. Public parks, shopping centres, and even footpaths see notable improvements after their construction. Beyond just providing a spot to eat, picnic benches improve the atmosphere of an area, encouraging pedestrians to stay, engage and enjoy their surroundings for longer. This extended presence can also encourage spending in high foot traffic zones like shopping malls and outdoor retail areas.

Picnic benches offer more seating spaces than other seating solutions and a large amount of free usable space for eating, working or chatting. Many people consider them to be resting places, sitting places, or even ‚Äúconversation corners‚ÄĚ, and, as such, passers-by are more likely to stop for longer periods of time in larger groups at picnic benches (especially park benches) than at other seating solutions. City councils, for example, should study their environment before committing to installing picnic benches in dense, high-footfall city centres.

Because picnic benches have a very specific use case, the temperature sensitivity of the material you choose should be considered when choosing the correct picnic bench style for your space. Metal benches will get hot or cold during extremes of weather over the year.



Securing the bench can usually be done in three ways:

The choice of installation method is up to you, but we recommend considering your specific environment before choosing the most suitable option!

Bench Being Bolted Down Into The Ground

Bolt Down

This system involves affixing the bench directly into the ground using bolts. This method is perfect for areas with an existing hard surface, preferably made of a material like concrete, allowing for direct bolting.

Procity Conviviale Bench Cemented Into The Ground

Concrete In

For this method, a shallow trench is dug, and the bench legs are concreted directly into the ground. If the legs aren't interconnected with stabilising bars, individual holes can be dug for each leg. This approach is ideal for areas with softer ground or situations where the bench will remain in the same spot for its entire lifespan.

In cases where concreting into a soft surface is necessary, leaving some space atop the concrete and adding a layer of the original material on top can improve the visual appeal of the installation, creating visual coherence and preventing large patches of concrete from dominating your green space.

Free Standing Wooden Picnic Table and Bench Set

Free Standing

Unlike traditional picnic tables, these benches are not attached to a fixed structure or the floor, allowing them to be placed anywhere without the need for additional support.

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