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Backless Benches

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Backless Benches For Outdoor Spaces

Start Safety hosts an extensive range of outdoor backless benches for sale, boasting many different styles and features to suit your environment and needs.

Although less comfortable than their backed brothers, backless benches have a lower price point and more variety in the locations where they can be erected, offering a far more versatile outdoor seating solution.

These benches are built to a high quality, with durability in mind, ensuring they can endure regular use and harsh weather conditions. As a result, they require minimal maintenance and will stay relatively clean throughout their long lifespans.

The Procity Venice Backless Bench With The Rest Of Its Collection On A Footpath

Key Features

Available in a range of different materials and colours, we have an outdoor seating option to suit any environment.

Our benches feature a robust iron or steel frame, customised with your choice of finish and paint, with a sturdy and visually appealing seat. Designed for both durability and comfort, the seats of our benches are made from a quality, durable material to suit any use: steel, wood, or recycled plastic.

Procity Conviviale Backless Bench in Galvenised Steel

Find The Perfect Seating Solution For Your Space

The Procity Riga Backless Bench in Light Oak Stained Softwood


Backless benches can be sat on from either direction. If not installed near a wall, this multi-purpose seating solution allows pedestrians to approach from any direction.

Autopa Haddon Backless Bench Installed Next to Wall


If erected against a wall, users may decide to use the wall as a backrest when sitting on a backless public bench, picking up any dirt or plants from the wall onto their clothes. In this scenario, installing a bench with a back may be preferential, as it would not only protect users’ clothes from dirt but it would also protect the wall from erosion.

Autopa Rockingham Modular Full Steel Benches Installed End to End


If you’re looking for flexibility and personalisation, many of our benches have a modular design, which allows you to adapt how they’re fitted. You can either decide to fit them end to end to create a longer, continuous bench, or they can be fitted with other benches from the same collection (like the Kube relaxation Space) for a truly personalised, stylish finish.

Factors to consider

Whether you're improving a public area or creating a cosy corner in your garden/patio, our backless garden benches promise both functionality and aesthetics.

Wood and Steel Backless Benches In a Line


No matter the outdoor space you want to install a bench in, public parks, shopping centres and even footpaths all benefit from the installation of street furniture. Benches do more than just provide somewhere for passers-by to rest - they enhance an area’s ambience, encouraging pedestrians to linger, interact and enjoy their surroundings for longer. This can also encourage spending in high footfall areas such as shopping malls and outdoor shopping areas.

Backless Bench Installed In Bus Shelter Street Furniture


Backless benches are often used in city centre areas such as bus shelters, shopping centres and commercial streets. If you intend to install yours in a densely populated area or an area with salty air (close to the coast), we’d recommend upgrading to a galvanised steel finish for extra protection.

Procity Estoril Bench Collection Installed in Park


With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, our selection caters to diverse tastes and environments. Some prefer the timeless charm of our wooden benches (like our Riga collection), which blend more with natural surroundings, whilst others prefer a more modern aesthetic like what our Venice collection provides.


Some of our seating solutions are installed by being bolted down using a metal base plate; others require digging a trench (or individual holes) so they can be concreted in.

Certain benches in our collection can be installed without legs, allowing them to be directly mounted on the wall. This feature enables flexible height adjustments, enhancing their modularity and customisation options.

Most of our benches leave the option of installation method to you - consider your environment and choose the most appropriate option.

The Autopa Drayton Wall Mounted Bench in Full Steel

Need Help?

Let us join you in creating an environment that inspires connection and relaxation!

Don’t hesitate to give our team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875 if you have any questions about our seating options or if you would like help with installation!

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