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Perch Benches

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Perch Benches For Public Spaces

Perch benches (also known as stand up benches, standing benches or leaning rails) are designed for use in areas where pedestrians might want a quick rest or a temporary seat. These “leaning benches” allow users to lean against the seat in an upright, standing position and are a perfect example of short-term, space efficient public seating.

They are often installed in densely populated urban areas, in public spaces like waiting areas, and in conjunction with other items of street furniture, such as bus shelters and smoking shelters, to maximise sitting space efficiency.

Procity Estoril Perch Bench Installed In Bus Shelter

Main Attributes

Procity Oslo Perch Bench Installed Next To Bus Stop Sign

Perch Seats are a crucial piece of street furniture in areas of high footfall, areas with limited space, or areas in which pedestrians want to sit or rest but are discouraged from doing so for long periods.

Procity Estoril Full Steel Perch Bench Installed In Bus Shelter Vaqndalism Resistant

Our perch benches are designed with durability in mind and are vandalism resistant. Mostly made of steel with different finishes, perch benches are guaranteed to remain a fixed feature of your public space for a long time to come.

Procity Kube Perch Bench With Bus Shelter

We have a wide, varied range of choices from different bench collections, which ensures a style that will look great in any space, especially yours!


Our perch benches are made from long-lasting, hard-wearing materials to ensure a long life in areas with even the heaviest foot traffic. Frames are usually made from zinc primed and painted steel tubing up to 80mm thick. This being said, there is the option to upgrade this to a galvanised (and painted) steel finish. We would strongly suggest this upgrade if your bench is going in a high-use area or if it will be located in an area with high salinity air (within 5 miles of the coast). Seats are made from our most resistant materials to ensure a long-life product: zinc primed steel (painted in your choice of RAL colour) like the Oslo perch bench, galvanised steel (also painted to your preference) or stainless steel like the Haddon perch bench.

Wooden perch benches are relatively rare, and currently, we only stock one of them. The modular Kube Steel & Wood Perch Bench by Procity is extremely modular within its own collection (Kube Collection) but looks great coupled with any item of street furniture.

Procity Kube Wood and Steel Perch Bench

Installation Options

The installation of perch benches can vary depending on your requirements:

Concreted In Bench Close Up

Floor Mounting

The bench is either bolted down or directly concreted into the floor using its legs.

Wall Mounted Backless Perch Bench

Wall Mounting

The bench may not have legs and is bolted (or even concreted) directly into a wall, saving more space.

Leaning Bench Being Bolted Into The ground

Bolt Down

Bolted directly into the ground using bolts and metal base plates. This is a good option if the bench will have to be moved.

Bench Foot that Has Been Concreted In

Concrete In

A trench is dug to allow for legs to be directly concreted into the ground. This is a better option if the bench must be installed in an area with soft ground.

Most of our perch benches are available in both bolt-down and concrete in formats. Depending on your mounting preference, one installation method may be more pertinent for your specific situation than the other.

Looking For Help Discovering The Ideal Perch Bench For Your Outdoor Area?

If you need help with installation or would like some more information regarding any of our products, please call us on +44 (0)1905 794875.

Our well-equipped team of professionals has the expertise and understanding to suggest the best bench or item of street furniture for your space. Give us a call, and a friendly member of staff will be thrilled to help you!

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