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Bench Accessories

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Bench Parts and Accessories

Improve the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces with our wide range of bench accessories designed to enhance the overall experience of outdoor seating areas. Our collection includes a variety of high-quality options, designed to cater to different preferences and use cases.

These features mesh together to create an inviting atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy their outdoor spaces in comfort, to spend more time in these spaces, and to engage more with their environments when spending time in these spaces.

Procity Silaos Assist Bench With Full Accessories for Comfort

When to Use Bench Accessories

Our bench accessories are made to compliment benches from different ranges in different ways:

Central Armrest For Silaos Style Benches From Our Procity Collection

Additional Armrests

To assist individuals with limited mobility and facilitate sitting down and standing up from the bench. Additional armrests can help regulate how a bench is used, too (whether it is laid on, or if people put their feet on the seats), as well as changing the overall look of the seating solution.

Decorative Base Cover For Oslo Style Benches and Other Street Furniture

Leg Protectors

Enhance the aesthetic of your bench with decorative base covers. This will also minimise the impact of pedestrian use, and, more importantly, shield bench legs from deterioration caused by pets and other urban animals.

Wooden Bench Being Treated With Stainer and Sealer For Annual Maintenance

Weather Protectors

Benches require maintenance to preserve their initial lustre, extend their predicted lifetime, and minimise wear and tear. This is achieved through staining and sealing processes that require specialised products such as varnishes, stains, and resins.

We’d recommend, for wooden benches in particular, to maintain your bench surfaces around once per year.

bench Being Bolted In

Installation Kits

Depending on the fixing method you’ve chosen (bolt-down or cement-in), you may need some accessories in order to affix your bench to the ground. Browse our range of bolt-down anchoring systems and fixings for hard and soft surfaces, as well as our trench-digging tools and concrete.


Factors to Consider

When you need to install a bench, consider the following for insight into the kind of accessories you’ll need:

Bench Installed on Soft Ground Next To River


In what environment will the bench be installed?

How will the bench be used in this environment?

High Footfall Urban Area With No Seating


How many passersby are there in this area, and how many do you expect to use the bench types you are planning to install?

Elderly Lady Using Procity Mobility Bench For Extra Comfort


Who will use your seating solutions, and what accessories do they need to facilitate their time in the area?

Also, are any parts of the bench more vulnerable than others in the environment it will be installed? Do any parts need protecting?

Need Help Finding The Best Bench Accessories?

We offer friendly, personalised support, including on-site visits to understand your requirements and constraints, ensuring our suggestions match with your vision.

To make the process of sprucing up your outdoor spaces simple and convenient, we also provide professional installation services for a hassle-free experience.

Contact us instantly using the chatbox below, or give us a call now on 01905 794875!

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