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Hard Hats With Visors

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)

Hard Hats With Visors, Integrated Face Protection

We supply all hard hats in this category as standard with an integrated visor. The visor component of the head protection can take the form of a full face shield or integrated eye protection, allowing you to pick the solution that best suits your needs.

There are many benefits to having your face and eye protection integrated with your helmet. Firstly it ensures that your PPE works in harmony, ensuring comfort during use, and no unintended gaps. Secondly, having your eye and face protection integrated means you have only one piece of equipment rather than two to manage and remember.

Almost all of our hard hats with integrated face shields allow for easy servicing and renewing of the face protection component. This feature allows you to quickly and easily change out scratched glasses or a damaged visor, ensuring you do not have to dispose of an otherwise perfect helmet without reason.

Worker Using A Saw While Wearing A Hard Hat With Visor

Key Types Of Integrated Visors

Worker With Clear Full Face Visor

Clear Full Face Visors

These are Ideal for preventing fluids and debris from flying into the face and eyes. They are generally fully compatible with prescription eyewear which you can wear beneath the shield.

JSP Evoguard Forestry Helmet With Mesh Visor

Mesh Face Visors

These are better for applications where a plastic visor would quickly become covered in debris, such as brush cutting & chainsaw applications. They offer excellent ventilation whilst protecting the face from debris.

Person Wearing Vistalens With Integrated Eye Protection And Respiratory Protection

Safety Eyewear

These helmets feature built-in eye protection, which allows you to wear compatible Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) without jeopardising the fit of the RPE or the helmet.

Who Uses Hard Hats With Face Shields & Eye Protection?

Forestry Workers With Mesh Visors


The mesh-style visors on forestry visors prevent splinters and sawdust from flying into the face. Essential for use when stump grinding and brush cutting.

Roadworker With A Hard Hat

Civil Engineering

When operating around machinery that could fling debris such as road planers and other heavy equipment, integrated eye and face protection is essential.

Site Maintenance Worker Inspecting Valves

Site Maintenance

If you carry out a task where safety glasses are required as well as a safety helmet to protect from falling objects, an integrated visor solution may be what you need.

Construction Worker Wearing Full Face Visor


During construction projects, many procedures require eye protection, such as drilling and grinding.

Fabrication Eye Protection


If you are working with machinery that could fling swarf or other debris, then an integrated eye protection option is a great idea.

Emergency Services Blinking Lights

Emergency Services

When dealing with an incident, face protection may be required alongside a helmet to protect from glass and metal debris.

Features Of Hard Hats With Visors

JSP Vistalens With Ear Defenders

Ear Defender Compatability

If you need to wear ear defenders whilst carrying out your job role, then you should ensure that your chosen helmet has ear defender mounts.

Vistalens With Integrated Eyewear

Eye Protection Or Face Protection

Do you need to protect your whole face or just your eyes? For just the eyes, you want integrated eye protection.

Worker With Foggy Safety Glasses


The last thing you want is to be blinded by fog. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your chosen helmet visor has an anti-mist or anti-fog coating.

Forestry Worker Wearing Helmet With Visor And Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Compatability

Do you need to wear RPE whilst working? If so, you need to ensure that any visor is compatible.

Vistalens With Retracting Eye Protection

Eyewear Retraction

Some of our wide range of helmets feature retractable eyewear where the eyewear is stowed safely out of the way when not needed. Ideal for preventing scratches during storage and transport.

Replacement Lens And Shield For JSP VISTAlens Safety Helmet


Can you replace the lens if needed? Many of our safety helmets have this function, which is essential to prevent premature redundancy.

JSP Powercap In Use By Metalworker

Integrated RPE

For those that work in environments where a hard hat, RPE and a full face shield is required, then something like the Powercap from JSP should be a consideration.

JSP Evolite Adustable Slip Ratchet Harness

Adjustable Harness

All our helmets feature adjustable harnesses; You can adjust these with a slip ratchet or wheel ratchet. This adjustment ensures a good fit, which is essential when the helmet has to absorb the energy of an impact.

Other Types Of Head Protection Available From Start Safety

Helmets with integrated face protection are not the only forms of PPE that we provide. If you are looking for something else, these are some of the best categories to check out.

Worker Wearing A JSP Safety Helmet

Head Protection

You can find all our head protection here, from helmets to bump caps.

High Quality ATG Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Keep your hands safe and sound with our extensive range of quality and resistant gloves.

Sixton Work Boots

Foot Protection

Our extensive footwear range will ensure that you have a shoe for every occasion, from mopping floors to manning an oil rig.

Eye Protection Spectacles

Eye Protection

Eye protection is a critical part of your PPE arsenal. You will find our range of stand-alone eye protection useful if you do not need a hard hat and just need specs.

Respiratory Protection Range


Respiratory protective equipment is essential when working with grinding, cutting and sanding equipment. Find our extensive range here.

Fall Protection PPE

Fall Protection

If you fall from the top of a tall structure, no hard hat or face visor will save you. Our range of fall protection equipment includes harnesses, lanyards and more to keep you safe at height.

Clear Face Shields And A Metal Mesh Face Shield

Face Shields

Often overlooked, face shields prevent painful and potentially scarring facial injuries caused by flying debris.

JSP Sonis Ear Defender Range

Ear Defenders

If you work in a noisy environment, then ear protection is essential to prevent permanent hearing damage.

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