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Safety Helmets With Chin Straps

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Hard Hats With Chin Straps

If you work at height or around deep excavations, a chin strap hard hat is essential. A chin strap fitted to your head protection ensures that your head protection stays in place properly in the event of a fall, improving your safety significantly.

All of our industrial climbing helmets and linesman-specific helmets come complete with chin straps. In these roles, the chances of taking a fall are elevated, so it makes sense that manufacturers would fit them with a chin strap to keep your safety helmet firmly in place during a tumble.

It is worth keeping in mind that there are different chin strap standards. In some applications such as mining, you may need a breakaway chin strap which is purposely designed to release with any force between 150 and 200 Newtons. Other chin straps are designed to be “unbreakable”, allowing multiple falling items to strike the helmet during an incident without knocking it off.

JSP Vistalens Hard Hat With 4-point Chin Straps

Key Applications

Wind Farm

Wind Farm Workers

Spending most of their time at a considerable height, renewable energy technicians need nothing but the best head protection.

Two Workers Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installers

Working on rooftops, solar installation specialists are at a raised risk of falls making a chin strap a necessity.

Mining Operator Wearing A Hard Hat With Chin Straps

Mining Operators

Whether working underground or in open queries, falls are a real threat when extracting materials from the ground.

Window Cleaner With Helmet And Harness

Window Cleaners

Working at height every day on high-rise buildings makes a helmet with a chin strap a mandatory item of PPE.

Tree Surgeon Wearing A Hard Hat With Chin Straps

Forestry Workers

When working at height in a tree, the risk of falling debris or taking a fall yourself is “sky high”. On top of this, a swinging tree limb could easily knock head protection free if a strap does not secure it.

Safety Helmets Worn By Scaffolders


With many nuts, bolts and clamps being handled freely during the construction of a tower, a helmet is essential.

Telecommunications Worker Climbing A Tower


Workers in the telecommunications industry spend their days either in a hole or up a cell tower, especially those that contract for mobile communication sites. This all makes headwear with a strap essential.

Types Of Hard Hat Chin Straps

When buying a hard hat with a chin strap, there are several things to consider and several formats of straps to be aware of. Some are specific to certain manufacturers, and others are universal.

2-point Chin Strap On Evolite Safety Helmet

2-Point Chin Strap

As the name suggests, these straps have two attachment points to the hard hat.

4-Point Chin Strap On A Evolite Skyworker Hard Hat

4-Point Chin Strap

4-point attachment straps have 4 locations where they anchor to the helmet. This helps the helmet retain its position more securely, reducing front-to-back movement.

EN12492 Compliant Chin Strap On A Skyworker Safety Helmet

EN12492 Chin Straps

When working at height, a strap that complies with EN12492 should be used. This standard requires that the strap not to fail when you may need it the most.

Man Working On Ground Wearing A EN397 Compliant 2-point Chin Strap

EN397 / EN50365

When working at ground level, the chinstrap should break away when subjected to a load that may otherwise cause strangulation or entrapment. This is between 150 & 250 Newtons

Replacement Helmet Chin Straps

During the daily inspection of your head protection, should you find that the strap on your helmet is damaged, then you should replace it immediately.

The good thing is that this does not necessarily mean you need a new helmet. We have a range of replacement straps and even harnesses available for most of our helmets. You can find these in our helmet accessories category.

Replacement 2-point And 4-point Chin Straps

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