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Safety Helmets With Integrated Ear Defenders

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)

Hard Hats With Ear Defenders

All the hard hats in this category come complete with ear defenders, which is not to say they are the only hard hats in our range that you can use with hearing protection. Many safety helmets we sell feature mounting points on either side, making them compatible with over-ear protection.

You have only two options if you work in a noisy environment where you want to simultaneously protect your hearing and wear a hard hat. Firstly you could purchase in-ear protection; these can be uncomfortable after wearing them for extended periods and do not offer as much noise reduction as the alternatives. The second option is to wear over-ear protection that covers the whole of the ear.

By choosing a safety helmet with integrated hearing protection, you can be sure that the hearing protection will fit properly, ensuring a good noise-isolating seal. If you already have a helmet and want to purchase some compatible ear protectors, you will find our helmet-mounted ear defenders category helpful.

Hedge Cutter Wearing A Hard Hat With Ear Defenders

Who Uses Hard Hats With Integrated Hearing Protection?

Forestry Worker Cutting Branches


With chainsaws and brush cutters buzzing all day, hearing protection and head protection is essential for reducing the risk of head injury and hearing loss.

Hard Hats With Ear Defenders On Construction Site


Drilling into walls or cutting through concrete all generate massive amounts of noise. With our range of hard hats with integrated ear protection, you can reduce the likelihood of hearing loss.

Workers With Hard Hats In A Demolition Site


Whether taking down a wall with a sledgehammer or using a concrete breaker, you will need to protect your hearing and, of course, the top of your head from falling objects.

Steel Worker Wearing A Hard Hat

Heavy Manufacturing

The clang of heavy steel and angle grinders can leave your ears ringing for hours without proper hearing protection. Choosing an appropriate helmet with ear protection will help protect your hearing without interrupting your workflow.

You Should Not Wear Normal Ear Defenders

Can I Just Wear Normal Headband-style Ear Defenders With My Helmet?

Unfortunately not, over-the-head style ear defenders are generally not compatible with safety helmets. This is because of how they fit; if you wear them with the headband under the helmet, they could result in injury should something impact the helmet as they interfere with the harness position.

The alternative would be to wear them over the helmet; in this instance, the ear defenders will not make sufficient contact with the head to seal and isolate noise.

Different Helmets And Brow Guards Compatible With A Helmet Mounter Ear Defender

The Helmet I Want Is Not Listed With Ear Defenders Here; What Do I Do?

We do not list all helmets you can fit with ear protectors in this category because many applications require different levels of hearing protection; there would be so many options it would just be confusing. You can fit most of our helmets with ear defenders.

We recommend finding your ideal helmet in our helmets category first, then looking at the “compatible items” section to see which ear defenders can mount to it. Alternatively, you can call us, and we will be more than happy to help.

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