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Hard Hat Spares & Accessories

Hard Hat Accessories - Spares & Accessories For Your Helmet

Our range of hard hat spares and accessories has everything you need to personalise your safety helmet to your needs. We stock everything from reflective sticker kits to make you easier to spot in low light conditions to ear defenders and spare parts.

With our range of spare parts, you can grab some replacement sweatbands to ensure that your helmet is always fresh and ready for use. We also keep replacement chin straps on the shelf should you ever take yours off and misplace it.

Other accessories we keep in stock include thermal liners to keep your head warm in cooler conditions and sun capes to keep the sun off your neck in the summer.

Hard Hat With Company's Branding

Branding Kits

If you want to brand your hard hat by having your company's logo printed on it, then check out our branded hard hats page.

Reflective Hard Hat Sticker Colour Range

Reflective Sticker Kits

We have reflective sticker packs available if you want to ensure you can be seen in low light and adverse weather conditions.

Evo Revolution Hard Hat Harness With Wheel Ratchet

Replacement Harnesses

If your old harness has become damaged and needs replacement, our selection of replacement harnesses will save you from buying a whole new helmet.

Reflective Neck Shade

Neck Shades

Our neck cape range is a great place to look if you constantly get sunburned on your neck.

Black Helmet Liner Beneath A Hard Hat

Helmet Inserts & Liners

Keep your head warm without compromising your hard hat performance with our range of compliant beanies and thermal liners.

M3 Steel Mesh Face Visor For Forestry

Face Visors

Protect your face from flying debris and fluids with our range of hard hat safety visors.

Hard Hat Compatible Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

If you want to wear ear protection alongside your helmet, then you will need compatible ear defenders, of which we have an excellent range.

aHelmet Mounted Eye Protection

Eye Protection

As well as stand-alone eye protection, we sell a range of integrated helmet-mounted eye protection to keep your eyes safe.

Need Help Finding The Right Accessories For Your Needs?

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you cannot find the PPE you are looking for. They will be happy to assist you, ensuring you get the correct item for your needs at the right price. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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