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UltraCrete Temporary Line Marking Paint | LMP

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UltraCrete Temporary Line Marking Paint

UltraCrete LMP from Instarmac is a brand new temporary line marking system for spot marking and surveying. Whether you are marking out new lamp post locations or potholes that need repair LMP line marking paint is the perfect system for the job.

This durable line marking paint comes in four colours each with their own application. The paint is very easy to apply, with each can containing approximately 350 linear metres of marking.

The paint has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, metal, brick, stone, grass and pretty much any other surface found on a building site. LMP marking paint is designed to last for at least 3 months making them ideal for semi-permanent applications. If markings need to be removed earlier than this they can be removed with a stiff brush and water, or pressure washed away.

Pothole being marked

Key Applications of UltraCrete Line Marking Paint:

  • Pot Hole Repairs - highlight problem potholes for repair teams to target, ensuring they are not missed.
  • Warehouses - Mark out temporary storage areas for pallets, or highlight areas that are off-limits whilst works are being carried out.
  • Building Sites - Mark out footing excavations, power socket points, exit routes and more.
  • Landscaping - Indicate where new flower beds should be created or where pathways should be installed.
  • Street Works - Mark where cables, drains water mains and phone lines are present beneath the ground.
LMP being used for a social distancing marking

Colours And Their Applications

For on-road and pavement use each colour has a specific use, these are as follows;

  • White - Potholes and other excavation markings
  • Yellow - Gas lines and gas utilities
  • Blue - Water
  • Red - Electrical lines and other cables

By properly marking with locations whilst works are being carried out you can ensure that nothing important will be accidentally dug up. Interrupting essential services and functionality of infrastructure of the surrounding area.

permanent line marking paint

Permanent Line Marking Paint

We also carry permanent line marking paint in an aerosol form, this is used for marking out parking bays, warehouse areas.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Supplied on a roll and installed with a blowlamp this is a durable marking system used for marking out areas with preformed cut shapes.

Heavy Duty Wax Crayons

Heavy Duty Wax Crayons

These crayons are used for fine detail marking whilst drilling, measuring and marking out large projects.

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