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ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold

  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
  • ColdFix Bar Hole, Joint & Crack Sealant Bitumen Based Applied Cold
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ColdFix Bar Hole, Crack & Joint Sealant Cartridge

Coldfix from Viatec is a quick and easy to use crack, joint and hole sealer. It is designed to be used in areas where a quick, fast and lasting repair is required. As the name suggests ColdFix requires no “hot works”, because of this it is very fast to apply. This joint and crack sealant can even be applied on damp days.

Customers who have used this product have seen a drastic reduction in the cost of carrying out repairs. This is because an average application takes less than 5 minutes (including getting out the van!)

Each 380ml cartridge will produce around 40 linear metres of seam repairs (depending on the depth. There is no need to close the road for extended periods of time either, the product can see traffic immediately after application. For one cartridge to cover 40 liner meters the crack needs to be 5mm wide and 10/15mm deep

Image of Crack Repaired by ColdFix

No Specialist Knowledge Needed

Applying coldfix could not be easier, it is supplied in a cartridge and can also be applied in damp conditions. (we recommend not applying during rain)

Ultra Easy To Apply

The material is applied from a cartridge and therefore requires no mixing. You will need a Wide (non-standard) 380ml Style Cartridge Gun. The working time of this is 5-10 minutes.

Ideal for Filling Bar Holes

When Inspecting for gas leaks utility companies will drill deep holes into the road surface. ColdFix is ideal for filling these holes, it can be simply pumped in and filled to the top to achieve an “as good as new” surface quality.



Seeps into cracks And Seals Them

Cracks and holes in tarmac are where water ingress can quickly cause damage through freeze thaw. This allows small cracks can quickly become potholes. ColdFix seeps into these then self-levels. Leaving a clean, repair that takes only minutes.

This is a great item to grab along with our ViaFix pothole repair. Once the pothole is filled any seams can be “double checked” with ColdFix. Any surrounding cracks can then also be tackled to prevent any surrounding areas from failing in the future.

Image of a road stud

Need To Fix Down Road Studs?

Coldfix is suitable for fixing down surface mount road studs. This is a much faster method of fixing road studs then using traditional hot melt methods. Coldfix 2K can be used when mounting the road studs onto either asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Because of the quick drying times this is almost essential if you're replacing missing or broken road studs.

Ideal for Air Strips & Airports

Great for airfield and runway repairs because it requires no real surface preparation and does not negatively affect traction. Airstrips cannot afford to close the runway for hours, yet see ultra-heavy traffic, especially where planes “touchdown”. With ColdFix, seams and cracks can be filled within minutes, ready for the next aircraft.

Extra Nozzles Available

We can supply extra nozzles which are available to purchase above. We recommend that you purchase a couple extra just in case.

Need To Know More?

Give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will be happy to help you find the right surface repair product for your needs.

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Per Unit520g
TypeLiquid Cold Applied Crack and Gap Filler For Asphalt & Tarmac surfaces
Drying TimeFull hardness is achieved in an hour, but it can be open to traffic in 15 minutes
Coverage40 Metres linear coverage per 380ml Cartridge
Per Box12


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