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Liquid Line Marking Paints In Various Colours

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Showing 1 to 30 of 30 (1 Pages)

Line Marking Paint - For Roads & Car Parks

When looking to cover a large area in colour there is no better alternative to traditional liquid-based road line marking paint systems. Whether you want to apply colour to a walkway to highlight it, demark a disabled parking space in blue, or just mark ordinary lines this product can do it all

Liquid road line paint comes in a few forms, they can be applied in any number of ways from the traditional brush, draw-box, roller, squeegee or even sprayed from an aerosol can. We supply these heavy-duty line marking paints as an alternative to thermoplastic line marking systems, which are easier to get good results with but are constrained to certain shapes and pre-cut sizes.

Many of these paints come supplied in tins in various sizes, they are available in high build (thick covering) formulas, as well as non-slip, single pack, and fast-drying variants.

Car park painted with line marking paint

Which Line Marking Paint System Is Best For You?

Proline brand line marking aerosol

Aerosol Floor Paint

Using aerosols spray paint is a very easy way to carry out small jobs. It is slightly harder to get a good straight line than with thermoplastic markings. With the use of an applicator trolley, it can be relatively easy to get good results. These markings are light-duty when compared to other products in the range.

White and yellow rolls of thermoplastic lines

Thermoplastic Paint

Supplied as a solid pre-formed material ideal for doing small - medium-sized jobs lines in car parks. Can be used to achieve a good result with relative ease and no prior experience. Once applicated these lines are permanent and hard-wearing. Aggregate can be used to improve slip resistance.

Tub of Startmark Line Marking Paint

Single Pack Markings

Our StartMark SB Acrylic Line marking paint is a great example of a single pack paint. It is a direct alternative to older chlorinated rubber-type paints. This paint is perfect for heavy-duty applications. It has a good working time and is hard-wearing great for most permanent line marking applications. This paint will need either a steady hand or ideally masking to be carried out to get the perfect line.

MMA line marking paint canisters

MMA Line Marking Paint

Our StartMark MMA Anti Slip Line Marking paint is perfect for colouring large areas, such as backgrounds of walkways, or parking bays. It has aggregate included with it to enhance traction. This product has a very fast drying time of only 15 minutes, you will need to mask the area before painting, or be very steady with a draw box. This product is our hardest wearing paint, we recommend it for major roads, busy junctions and car parks.

Other Line Marking Paints

Of course, there are other line marking paints out there some of which are temporary, solvent-based or suitable for use with a line marking spray machine. If you cannot see what you are looking for please contact our sales team. We have a large catalogue of products that we can work with.

Do I need To Use Primer?

The type of paint you are using and the surface you are marking will ultimately dictate if you require a primer or not. The general rule is that if you are marking old surfaces, smooth concrete or block paving you will likely need a primer. Each different product will have instructions for its use, and guidance regarding this.

Need Assistance?

Need help finding the perfect floor or tarmac line marking paint? We are here to help, our sales team is available during normal office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding road markings and their pricing.

Worn Tarmac in need of primer

Tarmac which looks like this or is more than 6 months old should be used with primer to ensure the markings stick.

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