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NEW JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's

  • NEW JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's
  • NEW JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's
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JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kits - 50mm (10mph)

The Ridgeback speed ramp from JSP is a refreshing take on a modular speed bump. It features a clever interlocking design that makes it faster to install and enhances visibility.

Each segment of these speed bumps is 500mm long and features eight reflective yellow triangles. These are recessed into the design to ensure they do not wear out prematurely. This dual colour approach means that regardless of how many speed bump segments are used, the colour distribution is equal.

On the underside of this speed ramp is a cable recess that allows for easy routing and protection of hoses and cables. This can be used to take power or water across a driveway without expensive excavations.

ridgeback in use

Suitable For All Industries And Sectors

The Ridgeback is hard wearing and can be installed almost anywhere (where you have permission). The material they are made from conforms to BS EN 1436:2018 and BS EN 1824:201. It will withstand HGV traffic as well as car traffic making the Ridgeback ideal for supermarkets, distribution centres, loading areas, university campuses and industrial estates.

The Ridgeback is Great For:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Hubs
  • Industrial Estates
ridgeback design

High-Visibility reflective panels

Better Visibility & More Reflective Area

Where most speed ramps on the market use alternating colours per section the ridgeback bucks the trend. The markings show clearly that there is a raised platform to cross by using easy to understand arrows.

50mm or 75mm Height options

Two Heights To Choose From 50mm & 75mm

The Ridgeback is available in two heights, 50mm and 75mm. The two heights are suitable for different speed restriction requirements. For 10mph speed limits, the 50mm speed ramp is recommended, the 75mm ramp works very well for 5mph areas. We strongly recommend only using the 75mm ramps where it is absolutely necessary as they can be difficult for lowered vehicles and some sports cars to cross.

Channel for routing hose or cable

Cable & Hose Channels

Run cables and hose easily under the Ridgeback even with the end caps on! The engineers at JSP have included a neat way to trim the end cap to facilitate a complete pass-through of cables and hoses. Most other speed ramps on the market do not have the facility to use end caps when running cables through.

Channel size: 45mm (w) x 25mm (h)

Interlocking Tabs for simplistic assembly

Interlocking Tabs & More Fixing Points

Each segment of the speed bump has a male and female interlocking section. These keep the segments firmly locked together for increased stability. The interlocking tabs also spread the load between the individual components and fixings.

Speed Bump Universal Fixing

Suitable For Use With Our Universal Fixing

The JSP Ridgeback system works perfectly with our universal fixing. This makes it very easy to install, as the universal fixing is far easier to use than shield anchors or well nuts. When bolting the ramp down JSP recommends only using every other fixing point (see our installation video). Our universal fixing can be used on concrete or good quality tarmac.

Ridgeback bump components

Available As A Kit Or Components

You can purchase individual sections of the JSP Ridgeback, or buy the Ridgeback as a kit with all the fixings and drill bits included. Buying a kit is a great way to make sure you have all the parts needed and save time finding and buying the right drill bit and fixings.

How To Install Ridgeback Speed Ramps

What's in each kit?

KitActual LengthInnersEndsFixingsDrills

Need Help Finding The Right Speed Bump Kit?

Give our sales team a call today on +44 (0)1905 794875 and discuss your requirements with our experienced staff. They will assist you in finding the right product for your needs and budget.

Limitations Of Use

Please note that whilst all of our speed bumps are capable of handling HGV traffic, they should be positioned so that turning of wheels whilst crossing the speed bump is avoided if possible. Turning HGV wheels whilst crossing the bump will shorten the lifespan of the installation.

Please ensure that our speed bumps are placed to minimize any wheel turning by HGVs while crossing them, as this can reduce the installation's lifespan. Additionally, driving over them intentionally at excessive speed can also shorten the speed bump's lifespan.

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