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Speed Bump Kits For Sale

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Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)

Speed Bump Kits, Complete With Fixings

Our range of high-quality speed bump kits makes buying speed bump kits easy. You can choose from the height of the kit and the length of the kit that you require and do not have to calculate how many components you require; we have done all the hard work for you!

Our complete kits are available for all of our most popular speed bump styles. You can purchase a speed hump kit made from your preferred material, such as recycled PVC or rubber. You can also choose the speed ramp's height and colours.

All our speed ramp kits are easy to install; if you can use a tape measure and a drill, you are well on your way to being a speed bump installation expert. If you do not want to install your own speed bump kit, we offer an installation service.

Start Traffic Premium Speed Bump Kit Installed

Where Can You Use Our Speed Ramp Kits?


Car Parks

If you have an issue with fast traffic in your car park, our speed ramp kits are an excellent way to slow traffic to your desired speed.

Speed Bump On A Private Drive

Access Roads

If you have a long private access road to your property, you can easily install a 50mm speed ramp kit. This ramp will slow delivery vans down to a reasonable speed.

Speed Bump Kit Installed On A Industrial Estate

Industrial Estates

For areas where the predominant traffic is heavy goods vehicles, a taller 75mm speed bump is ideal. For sites with more car traffic, you should consider 50mm.

What Speed Bump Kit Do I Need?

If you are struggling to decide what speed bump kit to purchase, then you need to consider the following;

How long do you need the speed bump kit to be?

Measure the road from kerb to kerb. Once you have this measurement, you will want to choose a bump that is no longer than that measurement. For example, if your road is 2.4m wide, you would require a 2m long kit.

What Type of traffic are you trying to slow down?

If it is mostly HGV traffic, you will want to consider 75mm speed bumps. Please be aware that these can be pretty harsh on cars and smaller vehicles.

What speed do you want to slow traffic to?

If you want to slow vehicles to 10mph, you will want to purchase a 30-50mm speed bump. For slower speeds such as 5mph, you will want to purchase a 70 - 75mm high-speed bump.

What colour do you want your speed bump to be?

We can offer kits that have alternating black and yellow sections, as well as those that have a mostly black construction with chevron markings. Markings are more of an aesthetic choice than anything else.

7 Meter Speed Bump Kit

What Comes In Our Speed Ramp Kits?

  • Centre Sections - These make up the middle of the speed bump between the two end caps. They can be in alternating colours or all the same.
  • End Caps - These sit at either end of the mid sections of the ramp and are semi-circular in shape.
  • Connectors - Some of our ramps require connectors or alignment tubes; we include these where they are required.
  • Fixings - We supply floor fixings with every kit; our standard fixings are suitable for anchoring your ramp to either concrete or tarmac hard standings.
  • Optional Extra: Drill Bits - We can supply the appropriate drill bit to ensure you get the perfect fit on your fixings.
  • Optional Extra: Nut Setter - To speed up the installation process, we recommend buying a nut driver, allowing you to use an electric drill to put your fixings in.

We recommend you also have the following equipment to hand when installing your kit; Electric drill, Hammer, Tape Measure, and Road Marking Crayon.

Need Help Choosing The Best Kit For Your Needs?

Give our sales team a call if you cannot see what you are looking for. Our friendly staff can help you if you need an exceptionally long kit or are just unsure what the best solution is. They can also advise what warning signs you may want to use alongside your kit. Contact them today on +44 (0)1905 794875 during regular office hours for free of charge advice and guidance.

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