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Speed Bumps Complete Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's

  • Speed Bumps Complete Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's
  • Speed Bumps Complete Kits Ideal For Cars, Vans & HGV's
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  • Brand: Oxford Plastics

50mm & 75mm Speed Bump Kits

Speed bumps are a great way to control the speed and flow of traffic. Our speed bumps kits are exceptionally easy to install and very cost effective. We supply everything that you need to complete the install including fixings, connectors and drill bit.

Fixings Included

Fixings Included

10 & 5 Mph

10mph or 5mph

Cable Protector

Cable Protector

Easy To Install

Easy Installation


100% Recycled


Reflectors Included


We have two heights of speed bump kit available and many different lengths. The different heights can be used to reduce vehicles to either 10mph (50mm) or 5mph (75mm). The different heights are also better suited to different classes of vehicles. 75mm speed ramp kits are far better suited to trucks, HGVs and Lorries, 50mm kits are better suited to use with cars.

Made with recycled PVC material you will find our speed bumps very hard wearing. Unlike concrete speed bumps that can be “abrupt”, our speed bumps will not scrape cars and are 100% uniform in size and shape. We even offer a great selection of signs to warn of speed bumps that ensure drivers are adequately warned of the speed bumps presence.

50mm Speed Bumps

10mph Speed Enforcement

  • Great For:
  • Cars
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
View 50mm Details

75mm Speed Bumps

5mph Speed Enforcement

  • Great For:
  • HGV's, Trucks, Lorries & Vans
  • Industrial Estates
  • Construction Projects
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
View 75mm Details

Speed Bump Reflectors

Why Choose our Speed Ramp Kits

Superior Quality

Our speed bumps are made from high-quality PVC which are tried and tested to withstand use by 44 tonne HGV's. Center sections also come supplied with twin reflectors for increased visibility at night. The speed bumps are built to last, the yellow sections are moulded from yellow plastic rather than being a painted finish so expect a finish that will stay yellow rather than scrubbing to black after minimal use.

Quality Guarantee

We have been selling speed bump kits for many years. During this time we have refined not only the quality of the speed bump components but the fixings and installation kit. Our speed bumps are some of the best out there. They have been extensively tested and do the job without issue. We are one of the largest speed bump distributors in the UK, offering the best quality and the best prices.

Speed Bump Components

Included In This Kit

  • Inner Section - The Inner is the main component within the speed bump kit, ours are made of part recycled PVC and are moulded either yellow or black.
  • Shoulder Section - The Shoulder or End section finishes off the speed bump kit when being fitted. if you intend on running cables or pipes underneath the bumps then you will not be able to use Shoulders.
  • Universal Fixing - Our universal fixing is designed to be a full proof fixing which works equally well whether being fixed into concrete or tarmac.
  • Connector - Otherwise known as the 'Dogbone' this keeps the bumps together when they are being fitted.
  • 16mm Drill Bit - The 16mm Drill bit is a high-quality drill which is to be used once the hole has been marked and pre-drilled. If being used with our Universal fixing we recommend drilling down 100mm which is the length of the plug.

Optional Add-on Products

  • 10mm Drill Bit (optional) - We can supply our kits with a smaller drill bit to drill through the speed bump fixing points as they are sealed when made and to mark out and pre-drill the main fixing holes.
  • Nut Driver (optional) - If you are fixing lots of speed bumps then we recommend using an Impact Driver or Drill to speed the process up when tightening up the fixings.

Speed Bump Components

50mm Speed Hump Kits

The 50mm speed bump is by far the most popular choice of speed bump size in the UK. 50mm is the size that is used in most supermarket car parks, multi-storey car parks and on private roadways. For most circumstances, we recommend using the 50mm speed bump height over the 75mm height as the 75mm is often too aggressive for passenger cars and motorbikes.

Unit Height

50mm Speed Bump Height

Each section is 50mm tall, ideal for cars.

Cable Channel Depth 

Cable Channel Depth

The 50mm speed bump has a cable channel depth of 25mm.

Cable Channel Width

Cable Channel Width

The cable channel width is 35mm on the 50mm speed bump.

Further dimensions and details of the 50mm speed bump kit can be seen below, along with our excellent installation guide video and pictorial guides.

75mm Speed Hump Kits

The 75mm Speed bump is the largest speed bump that we offer and is also typically the largest speed bump that you will find being used in the UK. The 75mm bump is designed to slow traffic down to just 5mph. Larger vehicle wheels like the ones found on HGVs will not have to slow down that much for a 50mm bump so we recommend using the larger 75mm bump.

We have sold many 75mm kits to distribution centres where hundreds of lorries have been repeatedly going over these bumps and they stand up to the punishment well, however depending on the quantity of traffic they do have a limited lifespan. Their modular nature means individual sections can be replaced as needed should sections start to fail. If you are looking for smaller speed bumps for use with cars, then the 50mm kit will be more suited.

Unit Height

75mm Speed Ramp Height

Each section is 75mm tall making them best suited to HGVs.

Cable Channel Depth 

Cable Channel Depth

The 75mm speed bump has a cable channel depth of 36mm.

Cable Channel Width

Cable Channel Width

The cable channel width is 45mm on the 75mm speed bump.

75mm HGV Speed bumps are likely the best solution for those working in areas with many large vehicles passing through routinely. For further information on installing our ramps please look further down the page.

Inner Section

Precise measurements of Inner Section

The inner speed bump section is 500mm long and 420mm wide.

Shoulder Section  

Precise measurements of Shoulder Section

The shoulder section follows the inners being 420mm wide.

Yellow Stays Yellow

Cross section of cut in half ramp

Quality yellow material surrounds the core of the ramp.

Universal Fixing for tarmac or concrete

Our Own High-Quality Universal Tarmac and Concrete Fixing

We have our own fixing that is great for use on both tarmac (asphalt) and concrete surfaces. The fixing is hard wearing, and far easier to work with than traditional shield anchors and rubber nuts. The fixing works much like a traditional rawl plug, just supersized.

We have tested this fixing on many of our products and it is yet to fail, it is available separately if required for use with custom length kits or your own projects.

Speed Bump Installation Guide

How to install speed bumps using the Cactus Fixing for Tarmac or Concrete

Appropriate PPE Should be worn

place speed bumps in required position

Step 1

Place speed bumps in required position, the ground should be flat and any obstructions or debris should be cleared away.

Drill through fixing slots and mark ground with 10mm drill bit

Step 2

Once the speed bumps are in the appropriate position, drill through fixing slots in the bump and mark the ground with a 10mm drill bit (optional extra).

Move speed bumps and drill down 100mm with 16mm drill bit

Step 3

Move the speed bumps and drill down to the depth of the fixing, (approximately 100mm) using the 16mm drill bit.

Hammer the anchor plugs down flush with the ground

Step 4

Once the holes have been cleaned, hammer the anchor plugs down so that they are flush with the ground.

Place bumps back over fixing holes and tighten bolts into plugs

Step 5

Place speed bumps back over fixing holes and use either a 16mm nut driver (optional extra) or ratchet to tighten the bolts until the speed bumps are secured firmly to the ground.

Video Installation Guide

This video shows how quick and easy our speed bumps are to install on a flat surface.

Have Questions or are looking for something slightly different?

We often get asked for all-yellow speed bump kits, kits without ends, or longer lengths. If you require any of these options, please call us for a kit price. Our customer support team can be contacted on +44 (0)1905 794875.

Limitations Of Use

Please ensure that our speed bumps are placed to minimize any wheel turning by HGVs while crossing them, as this can reduce the installation's lifespan considerably. Additionally, driving over them intentionally at excessive speed can also shorten the speed bump's lifespan. If you are installing these at a distribution centre or similar venue where the primary traffic is HGV's please contact us before purchase. 

Kit Contents Table

Run LengthActual LengthBlack InnersYellow InnersBlack EndsYellow EndsFixings16mm Drill BitsConnectors
1 Metre910mm0120814
3 Metre2870mm232024112
3.5 Metre3360mm331128114
4 Metre3850mm342032116
4.5 Metre4340mm441136118
5 Metre4830mm452040120
5.5 Metre5320mm551144122
6 Metre5810mm562048224
6.5 Metre6300mm661152226
7 Metre6790mm672056228
7.5 Metre7280mm771160230
8 Metre7770mm782064232
8.5 Metre8260mm881168234
9 Metre8750mm892072236
9.5 Metre9240mm991176238
10 Metre9730mm9102080240

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Connector TypeDog Bone Connector
Fixing MethodBolt Down
ColourBlack / Yellow
TypePartly recycled PVC


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