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Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC

  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
  • Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot S3 HRO HI SRC
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Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown 80087-01L Safety Boot

This is the Stelvio Atlantida brown, if you prefer this boot in black, we also have it available here: Stelvio Atlantida Black. The Stelvio Atlantida is designed and targeted towards those who work in the construction industry where durability, comfort and safety are all required to carry out a full days work.

Most building sites require a reinforced toe-capped workboot to be worn on-site to protect against loose material or as an extra measure of protection against accidents. The Stelvio Atlantida has a ceramic toe cap that has been tested and proven to resist against 200J of pressure under impact. As it is metal-free, this boot is not conductive which makes it a lot safer and more ideal for electricians or ground workers who may encounter live cables

For additional comfort, this boot has a special plastic heel that controls ankle movement alongside a removable insole that keeps the shape of your foot supports bodyweight providing better comfort when worn for long periods of time.

Sixton Stelvio Atlantida Brown Safety Boot

Technologies in The Stelvio Atlantida

Corvara Endurance work boots have a range of technologies embedded in the boot that all help it provide maximum comfort and performance.


A removable insole that gives extra support to the heel and over time keeps the shape of your foot improving comfort and supporting body weight.

CTC With Zero Perforation Resistance

A ceramic toe cap that can resist an impact of over 200J and provide thermal isolation.

Dynamic Control

An Ergonomic structure that supports the heel and controls movement of the ankle. The plastic material increases protection against pointy objects.


A plastic support which is inserted under the sole for the heel and arch of the foot, this improves stability and support of the foot arch improving foot posture


An insulating tape with conductive carbon filaments. When in contact with the foot it ensures anti-staticity of the footwear over time.


Double non-slip fabric layer which improves comfortability

Avalon Polar Specs

Popular Working Environments For The Stelvio Atlantida:

  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Carpentry
  • Engineering

Conformity Standards

  • S3 - S3 Conformity is for any anti-static product with a protective toecap and midsole with a water repellent upper
  • HRO - HRO conformity is a rating given to outsoles that have been tested for heat resistance against 300°C on contact
  • HI - Given to products with uppers which have been tested for heat insulation resistance against a minimum of 150°C
  • SRC - A grip level rating which indicates the product has been tested against slips trips and falls in wet conditions

Alternatives To The Stelvio Atlantida Brown:

Stelvio Polar Safety Boot

Stelvio Polar 88087-17L

A workboot featuring a double insulated sole and a Primaloft® lining keeping your feet warm and dry at all times.

Corvara Endurance 81087-06L Safety Boot

Corvara Endurance 81087-06L

Half-knee boot with a ceramic toe cap, dual insulated sole. Also been through CI testing against cold weather below -40°C.

Montana Endurance 81156-22L Safety Boot

Montana Endurance 81156-22L

A half-knee, steel toe cap boot in a laceless wellington style.

What Is The Atlantida Range?

The Atlantida range is designed specifically for hard-wearing conditions where the quality and toughness of the material will be heavily tested. Perfect for building sites where comfortability, safety and durability are crucial for day to day working. The PU sole is made with Vibram rubber sole resistant to temperatures up to 300℃, acids and oils. This sole has also been anti-slip tested with a self-cleaning design.

Struggling To Pick Your Safety Footwear?

If you can’t make your mind up on which boot is right for you, our sales team are here to help! Call them today on +44 (0)1905 794875 and they will be happy to go through your options and help select the best boot or piece of PPE for you.

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