Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L

  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
  • Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L
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Sixton Dealer Boot Touring 10349-01L S3 SRC 

The Dealer Boot part of the Touring range from Sixton Peak is a safety boot focused on providing maximum comfort whilst remaining as light as possible. This boot is a laceless style, ankle-high boot which offers great levels of protection thanks to a greased Nubuk Dakar Leather which is a lightweight, waterproof upper to complement the protective soleplate.

This boot is ideal for work in later-stage construction works like snagging or interior fitting. A nail resistant insert capable of protecting against a 3mm truncated cone nail with 1100N of force will protect your feet from the loose dangers of building site floors whilst the ceramic toe cap is resistant to a 200J impact, removing the worry of falling objects or toe-stubbing. Ceramic toe caps are a great alternative to the traditional steel toe caps as the metal can sometimes become conductive creating a potential danger to the wearer in the event it is exposed.

Working alongside these great protective elements are technologies that improve Lateral and Torsional stability helping to keep your feet planted and stable when working in awkward positions like reaching or leaning to complete a difficult task. To round it all off is a removable Blow-Fit 2.0 insole that improves comfort and induces energy consumption making your steps feel lighter. The slip-resistant soleplate on the Touring range has been SRC tested on ceramic and metal surfaces ensuring the highest levels of grip are maintained regardless of the surface and the state of the surface. In order to reap the full benefits of this boot, it is important you get the correct size for your feet.

Sixton Dealer Touring Safety Boot

Featured Technologies Within Dealer Touring Safety Boot

Blow-Fit 2.0

Blow-Fit 2.0

An ergonomic removable insole with Flyfit offering great comfort and energy absorption giving the feel of a lighter boot and a comfier step.

CTC & 3mm Nail Resistant Insert

CTC & 3mm Nail Resistant Insert

A ceramic toe cap removes the potential of becoming conductive and is resistant to a 200J impact. Nail resistant insert can protect a 3.0mm carpenters nail with a 1100N force.

Dynamic HC Control

Dynamic HC Control

Provides an internal rigid ergonomic structure that adjusts the foot support from the heel controlling the ankle side movements.



A plastic support which is inserted under the sole for the heel and arch of the foot, this improves stability and support of the foot arch improving foot posture



An insulating tape with conductive carbon filaments. When in contact with the foot it ensures anti-staticity of the footwear over time.



Double non-slip fabric layer which improves comfortability

Avalon Polar Specs

Popular working Environments For Touring Dealer Boot:

  • Building
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Logistics
  • Light Industrial

Conformity Standards

  • S3 - S3 Conformity is for any anti-static product with a protective toecap and midsole with a water repellent upper
  • SRC - A grip level rating which indicates the product has been tested against slips trips and falls in wet conditions

Alternatives To The Touring Dealer Boot

Sixton Montana Enurance Safety Boot

Montana Endurance 81156-23L

A Half-knee wellington style safety boot with a wool lining suitable for cold environments.

Sixton Auckland High Skipper Safety Shoe

Auckland High Skipper 94405-00L

A lightweight safety trainer with good ankle support. Perfect for interior tasks or logistics.

Sixton Corvara Endurance Safety Boot

Corvara Endurance 81087-0L

A safety boot that sits in the “mid-duty” category offering high levels of protection and comfort.

What Is The Touring Range

The Touring range is focused on comfort and lightness with a smart shoe like upper. The sole plates in the Touring range give an anti-slip resistance tested on ceramic and steel surfaces. The midsole has been designed to remain soft and comfy whilst absorbing energy in the heel. A smart design that fits in the sixton philosophy.

Not Sure Where To Dip Your Toes In On The Sixton Range?

We have many boots in our Sixton range, we understand that you may not know where to start with your first purchase. Our sales team are on the other end of the phone and ready to help you make the right decision when choosing your pair of safety footwear or PPE in general. Call them today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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EN StandardsEN ISO 20345:2011
TypeSafety Boot
ColourBrown | Black


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