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Sixton Corvara HDry 81087-15 WR S3 SRC | Waterproof Workboots

  • Sixton Corvara HDry 81087-15 WR S3 SRC | Waterproof Workboots
  • Sixton Corvara HDry 81087-15 WR S3 SRC | Waterproof Workboots
  • Sixton Corvara HDry 81087-15 WR S3 SRC | Waterproof Workboots
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  • Brand: Sixton

Sixton Corvara Endurance 81087-15L Water Resistant Work Boot

This work boot is the water-resistant version of the ever-popular Sixton Corvara Endurance 81087-06L. It has many of the same features and benefits, but with the bonus of being dry in the winter when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

With the Sixton Corvara 81087-15 Weighing in at only 710 grams, these boots won't leave you feeling weighed down throughout the day. They are the ideal winter work boots for those working outside in storage yards, builders' merchants, and transportation depots. A Fibreglass toe cap means that this quality work boot is nonconductive yet still has the protection you need to keep your feet safe whilst working around materials handling equipment.

A higher level of ankle support ensures that your ankles are well supported when the terrain is uneven, reducing the likelihood of twists and strains. Overall, the Sixton Corvara Water Resistant Work Boot is a comfortable boot for daily use in various environments.

Corvara Endurance HDry Waterproof WorkBoot

Water Resistant Upper

The Sixton Corvara 81087 s3 owes its better weather resistance to the Greased Nubuk Dakar full-grain leather upper. This upper, combined with other intelligent design features, work to keep your feet dry through rain showers and winter months.

Quality Lace Hooks

The Corvara 81087 features lace hooks that allow you to lace your boot whilst achieving consistent tension. This superior lacing design ensures that your foot is held firmly and helps further reduce the likelihood of ankle roll on uneven surfaces.

Technologies in The Corvara Endurance

Corvara Endurance work boots have a range of technologies embedded in the boot that all help it provide maximum comfort and performance and tick all of the boxes for it to be classed as a piece of PPE.


A removable insole that gives extra support to the heel and over time keeps the shape of your foot improving comfort and supporting body weight.

CTC With Zero Perforation Resistance

A ceramic toe cap that can resist an impact of over 200J and provide thermal isolation.

Dynamic Control

An Ergonomic structure that supports the heel and controls movement of the ankle. The plastic material increases protection against pointy objects.


A plastic support which is inserted under the sole for the heel and arch of the foot, this improves stability and support of the foot arch improving foot posture


An insulating tape with conductive carbon filaments. When in contact with the foot it ensures anti-staticity of the footwear over time.


Double non-slip fabric layer which improves comfortability

Avalon Polar Specs

Popular Working Environments For Corvara Endurance:

  • Building
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping

Conformity Standards

  • S3 - S3 Conformity is for any anti-static product with a protective toecap and midsole with a water repellent upper
  • SRC - A grip level rating which indicates the product has been tested against slips trips and falls in wet conditions
  • WR - This is the rating for a fully waterproof Sixton Boot

Alternatives To The Corvara HDry Endurance Black:

Sixton Corvara Endurance

Corvara Endurance

This boot is from the same range as the Hdry Corvara, but is not fully waterproof.

Montana Endurance 81156-22L Safety Boot

Montana Endurance 81156-22L

A half-knee, steel toe cap boot in a laceless wellington style.

What is the Endurance Range?

The Endurance range is a range of boots that have been designed with precision and advanced materials to produce a lightweight, comfortable boot that can work in heavy-duty environments. The soleplate of the Endurance range is designed with a scuff cap to protect against wear and splits between the sole and upper. SRC testing has been done on this soleplate to ensure the highest levels of grip are achieved at all times.

Struggling to get a grip on the elements of Sixton boots?

If you’re finding it hard to get the right boot for you, our sales team are here on the other end of the phone to help you find your perfect boot. Call them today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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EN StandardsEN ISO 20345:2011
TypeAnkle Boot
Unique FeatureFully Waterproof With HDry Technology

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