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Jubilee Superclamp Stainless Steel Hose Clamp | 304 Grade

  • Jubilee Superclamp Stainless Steel Hose Clamp | 304 Grade
  • Jubilee Superclamp Stainless Steel Hose Clamp | 304 Grade
  • Jubilee Superclamp Stainless Steel Hose Clamp | 304 Grade
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  • Brand: Jubilee

Jubilee 304 Stainless Steel Superclamp

If you need a hose clamp that outperforms almost everything else on the market, then the 304-grade Jubilee Stainless Steel Superclamp offers exceptional clamping force that is applied evenly without bridging, all whilst exceptionally corrosion resistant. This makes it ideal for clamping pump hoses on construction sites and other critical infrastructure in offshore oil and gas applications.

A wide profile design ensures that clamping force is evenly distributed onto the hose it is installed on. Rolled edges ensures that the clamp will not cut into hoses as the clamp is tightened, something which is a constant issue with cheaper imitations and alternatives. The 360-rounded profile with a bridging section ensures that pressure is applied evenly around the circumference of the clamped item, making these the go-to choice for vacuum applications which can otherwise be prone to leaks.

A solid trunion partnered with an 8.8 grade high tensile bolt allows you to tighten these clamps up to as much as 25Nm, ensuring once in place, the clamp stays in position. The easily accessible bolt head for tightening makes maintenance operations easier and allows the clamp to be used in an automated assembly process where robotic tools need to be able to tighten the clamp.

Jubilee SuperClamps Stainless Steel

Jubilee clip superclamp stainless steel

Key Features Of The 304 Stainless Steel Superclamp

  • 304 Stainless Steel - Made from a durable 304 grade stainless steel, all components are manufactured to deliver an exceptional working lifespan of up to 1000 hours in an NSS test.
  • Extra Wide Band - The band on these clamps ranges from 18mm up to 25mm in width. This broadness allows greater clamping force to be applied without damaging the hose as the pressure is dispersed over a wider area.
  • Wide Range Of Sizes - Available in sizes for 17mm through to 265mm hoses, making them ideal for many applications.
  • Ease Of Use - Requiring no specialist tools these clips can be installed and removed with ease.
  • Adjustability - Each clip size has an adjustment range, making getting a consistent fit and a good-quality seal easier.
  • Reusability - Once removed, you can use these clips again without diminishing their performance, saving you money in the long run.
  • Consistent Materials - To enhance the corrosion resistance of these clamps, all metals used in constructing a clamp are of the same type. This feature stops the bi-metallic corrosion that can plague inferior offerings from other brands.


Superclamps are suitable for use with the agriculture sector


Superclamps are suitable for use in the automotive industry


superclamps are suitable for use in industrial sectors

DescriptionBand Width




JSC019SSJubilee Superclamp SS 17-19mm184.5617198mm A/F Bolt
JSC022SSJubilee Superclamp SS 20-22mm184.5620228mm A/F Bolt
JSC025SSJubilee Superclamp SS 23-25mm184.5623258mm A/F Bolt
JSC028SSJubilee Superclamp SS 26-28mm184.5626288mm A/F Bolt
JSC031SSJubilee Superclamp SS 29-31mm184.5629318mm A/F Bolt
JSC035SSJubilee Superclamp SS 32-35mm2068323510mm A/F Bolt
JSC039SSJubilee Superclamp SS 36-39mm2068363910mm A/F Bolt
JSC043SSJubilee Superclamp SS 40-43mm2068404310mm A/F Bolt
JSC047SSJubilee Superclamp SS 44-47mm2068444710mm A/F Bolt
JSC051SSJubilee Superclamp SS 48-51mm2068485110mm A/F Bolt
JSC055SSJubilee Superclamp SS 52-55mm2068525510mm A/F Bolt
JSC059SSJubilee Superclamp SS 56-59mm2068565910mm A/F Bolt
JSC063SSJubilee Superclamp SS 60-63mm2068606310mm A/F Bolt
JSC067SSJubilee Superclamp SS 64-67mm2518.525646713mm A/F Bolt
JSC073SSJubilee Superclamp SS 68-73mm2518.525687313mm A/F Bolt
JSC073SSJubilee Superclamp SS 68-73mm2518.525687313mm A/F Bolt
JSC079SSJubilee Superclamp SS 74-79mm2518.525747913mm A/F Bolt
JSC085SSJubilee Superclamp SS 80-85mm2518.525808513mm A/F Bolt
JSC091SSJubilee Superclamp SS 86-91mm2518.525869113mm A/F Bolt
JSC097SSJubilee Superclamp SS 92-97mm2518.525929713mm A/F Bolt
JSC103SSJubilee Superclamp SS 98-103mm2518.5259810313mm A/F Bolt
JSC112SSJubilee Superclamp SS 104-112mm2518.52510411213mm A/F Bolt
JSC121SSJubilee Superclamp SS 113-121mm2518.52511312113mm A/F Bolt
JSC130SSJubilee Superclamp SS 122-130mm2518.52512213013mm A/F Bolt
JSC139SSJubilee Superclamp SS 131-139mm2518.52513113913mm A/F Bolt
JSC148SSJubilee Superclamp SS 140-148mm2518.52514014813mm A/F Bolt
JSC161SSJubilee Superclamp SS 149-161mm2518.52514916113mm A/F Bolt
JSC174SSJubilee Superclamp SS 162-174mm2518.52516217413mm A/F Bolt
JSC187SSJubilee Superclamp SS 175-187mm2518.52517518713mm A/F Bolt
JSC200SSJubilee Superclamp SS 188-200mm2518.52518820013mm A/F Bolt
JSC213SSJubilee Superclamp SS 201-213mm2518.52520121313mm A/F Bolt
JSC226SSJubilee Superclamp SS 214-226mm2518.52521422613mm A/F Bolt
JSC239SSJubilee Superclamp SS 227-239mm2518.52522723913mm A/F Bolt
JSC255SSJubilee Superclamp SS 240-255mm2518.52524025513mm A/F Bolt

Measuring Your Clamp

These clips are measured based on their internal diameter. To find the size of the clip, simply measure the outside diameter of the item you are clamping onto.

You should be sure to measure the outside diameter when measuring up to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Superclamp drawing

Available In:

316 Stainless Steel

316 Grade Stainless Steel

Jubilee high-torque

Alternatives To This 304 Stainless Steel Superclamp From Jubilee

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