Jubilee Original Range Mild Steel Zinc Protected Hose Clip

  • Jubilee Original Range Mild Steel Zinc Protected Hose Clip
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Jubilee Original Range Mild Steel Zinc Protected Hose Clip

The Original Range of Jubilee clips in Mild Steel is a firm favourite of many industries due to their cost-effective price point and excellent clamping performance. As the name suggests, these zinc-plated jubilee clips are the original version of Jubilee's worm drive hose clamp.

They are a popular choice with automotive manufacturers and especially popular with aftermarket users due to their ease of use. You can use them to secure coolant and ventilation hoses on vehicles with the safe knowledge the clamp will last at least as long as the vehicle.

Due to their cost-effective price point, the mild steel original range jubilee clip is used by the DIY industry for fastening hose pipes, drain hoses and many other applications around the home. Although it is an “entry-level” product, you should not dismiss it as only for the DIY enthusiast; you will still find these durable Original Jubilee Clips in use on construction sites and heavy machinery connecting hydraulic and pneumatic lines, giving years of dependable service.

Key Features Of The Original Range Mild Steel Jubilee Clip

  • Zinc Protected - A corrosion-resistant coating on the clamp ensures that the hose clip will withstand the test of time. The Mild steel variant has been tested to deliver the equivalent of 60 years lifespan before showing red rust when installed in a typical UK urban environment.
  • Cost Effective - One of the most competitively priced product ranges within the greater Jubilee range. The Jubilee Original range even gives the spin-offs and unbranded items a run for their money.
  • Wide Range Of Sizes - Available in sizes suitable from 9.5mm through to 318mm hoses, making them ideal for many applications.
  • Ease Of Use - Requiring no specialist tools meaning these clips can be easily used even by novices.
  • Adjustability - Each clip size has an adjustment range, making getting a consistent fit and a good-quality seal easier.
  • Reusability - Once removed, you can use these clips again without diminishing their performance, saving you money in the long run.
  • Consistent Materials - To enhance the corrosion resistance of these clamps, all metals used in constructing a clamp are of the same type. This feature stops the bi-metallic corrosion that can plague inferior offerings from other brands.

Key Industries The Original Range Jubilee Clamp is used in:

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000MS129.5- 12⅜ - ½9.90.7623.44.5203
M00MS1611- 16½ - ⅝9.90.7623.44.5203
00MS2013- 20½ - ¾9.90.7623.44.5203
0MS2216- 22⅝ - ⅞13.00.9144.25.6203
0XMS2518- 25¾ - 113.00.9144.25.6203
1AMS3022- 30⅞ - 1⅛13.00.9145.16.8203
1MS3525- 351 - 1⅜13.00.9145.16.8102
1XMS4030- 401⅛ - 1⅝13.00.9145.16.8102
1MMS4532- 451¼ - 1¾13.00.9145.16.8102
2AMS5035- 501⅜ - 213.00.9145.97.9102
2MS5540- 551⅝ - 2⅛13.00.9145.97.9102
2XMS6045- 601¾ - 2⅜13.00.9145.97.9102
3MS7055- 702⅛ - 2¾13.00.9146.79102
3XMS8060- 802⅜ - 3⅛13.00.9146.7944
4MS9070- 902¾ - 3½13.00.9146.7944
4XMS10085-1003¼ - 413.00.9146.7944
5MS12090-1203½ - 4¾13.00.9146.7944
6MS140110-1404⅜ - 5½13.00.9146.7944
6XMS150120-1504¾ - 5⅞13.00.9145.97.918
7MS165135-1655¼ - 6½13.00.9145.97.918
7.5MS190158-1906¼ - 7½13.00.9145.97.918
8.5MS216184-2167¼ - 8½13.00.9145.97.918
9.5MS242210-2428¼ - 9½13.00.9145.97.918
10.5MS267235-2679¼ - 10½13.00.9145.97.918
11.5MS292260-29210¼ - 11½13.00.9145.97.918
12.5MS318286-31811¼ - 12½13.00.9145.97.918

Measuring Your Clamp

These clips are measured based on their internal diameter. To find the size of the clip, simply measure the outside diameter of the item you are clamping onto.

You should be sure to measure the outside diameter when measuring up to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Available In:

Mild Steel - 304 Stainless Steel - 316 Stainless Steel

Alternatives To This Mild Steel Original Range Jubilee Clip

  • Need Something With Greater Corrosion Resistance? - Take a look at the Jubilee Original Range 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hose Clip.
  • Looking For Something Heavier Duty? - Check out the Jubilee Zinc Protected Superclamps. These feature a broader band cross-section and a bridge that helps to distribute clamping force evenly.
  • Not sure how long a hose clip you need? - Take a look at the Jubilee Zinc Plated Multiband kits; these come complete with everything you need to make your own custom-sized worm drive screw bands.

Need Assistance Finding The Best Hose Clip For Your Needs?

Are you in need of a high-quality hose clip? Look no further than Start Safety UK. Our extensive selection of hose clips comes in various shapes and sizes, all stocked on our shelves and available for the quick delivery to your location. If you have any technical questions or inquiries about bulk orders, our knowledgeable staff can assist – just give us a call at +44 (0)1905 794875.

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