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High-Quality Road Sign Posts - UK Road Approved

At Start Traffic we work with a variety of road signposts manufacturers, this allows us to offer the very best prices and selection of posts. We carry steel posts in common diameters and lengths on the shelf in stock ready for next day delivery.

We are one of the few companies in the UK that hold stock of common permanent road signs. This means that most speed limit, roundabout and car park signs are available off the shelf, with a post. This allows you to quickly install new signs, or repair damaged signs that have been run over.

We offer sign posts as part of our large range of street signs and road safety products. Whether you need temporary signs or permanent signage, we are here to assist you.


Types of Road Sign Posts

Standard Straight Posts

These are the most common type of post you will see on the road around the UK. They are available in an array of diameters and are the same diameter from the ground up.

Wide Base Posts

These posts have an expanded lower section which allows for an access panel. These are used when lighting or other electronics are required on the post.

Passively Safe Posts

These posts break away when impacted by a car, they have to do so in a safe manner that reduces the risk to passengers and other vehicles.

Sign post Accessories

Depending on the installation you may need any number of signpost accessories these might include the following.

  • Post Caps - These are used to prevent water ingress into the top of the post. There are various versions of these available some of which include lighting fixtures.
  • Sign Clips & Sign Fixings - These come in different sizes to suit the diameter of the post they are being used on.
  • Base Plates - Buried into the ground these secure the post and prevent rotation during and after installation.
  • Sign Faces - These could be considered an essential accessory as posts are unhelpful without traffic signs affixed to it. We work with major sign manufactures to offer a wide range of sign faces and styles.

Materials and Finishes

Most locations require standard steel signposts, there are some areas where aluminium posts are used these tend to be powder coated. Aluminium sign posts work just the same as steel posts but are lighter, and more corrosion resistant.

Sign Post Delivery

Sign posts are rather large objects, we ship them nationwide using a selection of couriers and transport partners. If you are ordering a few smaller 76mm posts you should expect delivery by parcel, otherwise, your delivery will likely be fulfilled by pallet delivery.


Need Help Finding The Right Sign Post Solution?

We work with major road sign posts manufacturers, allowing us to offer you the best range of product. If you require a variety of styles of post for different applications on the same job you have come to the right place. Call our sales team today on +44 (0)1905 794875, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in finding the best road sign for the job at hand.

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