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Permanent Post & Pole Mounted Signs For Sale

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Permanent Road Signs & Post Mounted Signs

As part of our road sign range, we are pleased to offer one of the widest selections of permanent road signs for sale in the UK. Our signs are the perfect solution for anyone who needs to quickly find and purchase permanent signs for car parks, main roads and even motorways.

All of our signage is manufactured to strict standards ensuring they meet or exceed all requirements of the traffic signs regulations. This ensures that you get a quality, CE marked product that will stand the test of time and most importantly will meet reflectivity standards.

Our permanent signs use genuine 3M materials that are fully weatherproof perfect for long term outdoor use.

High Quality Permanent Signs

Permanent Sign Mounting Methods

Unless otherwise stated the majority of our permanent signs are post mounted. This means that the sign face is single-sided, and has at least 2 channels on the rear. These channels allow the sign faces to be used with a variety of post fixings.

Two channels are included as a minimum to stop the sign twisting in heavy winds.

Post clamps are very easy to use allowing for simple self-assembly. They also allow you to have a single sign-on a post, or twin signs back to back depending on your requirements. All our clamps are made from stainless steel unless otherwise specified.

Sign Clamp Options

Permanent Sign Types

There are many permanent signs for hundreds of potential situations, but they can be broken down into some fairly straight forward categories. We have outlined some of these below, but more can be found on this document from the gov.uk.

Examples of Permanent Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Warning road signs are normally triangular with a red outline, they offer an advanced warning to drivers of upcoming obstacles, harsh turns, or potential distractions. Supplementary plates can be used to accompany these signs for further information, or an indication of the duration of which the warning applies.

Selection of Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are mostly circular and can be thought about as “signs that give orders”. These instructions could be to “give way”, “stop” or even set a maximum speed limit. One of the most common permanent signs that we sell is the no entry sign, that falls into this category.

Disabled badge holders only information sign

Informatory Signs

Permanent informatory signs are mostly blue in colour and as the name suggests, are there to inform road users. They can provide a countdown to a junction, or inform drivers where they may find parking or a layby.

Frame with a Supplementary Plate Slot

Direction Signs

These signs are generally very specific to an area and can include road names, directions to a business park, or indications of where to find the nearest zoo.

Permanent Signage Reflectivity Grades

By default on our website, any permanent signage will be supply in a grade RA2 reflectivity unless specified otherwise. This allows us to fulfil orders faster and meets or exceeds most peoples requirements.

If you do need a different grade we are still more than happy to help, we have several grades of reflective materials, with a selection of overlays to choose from.

Reflectivity Grades:

  • Class RA1 - Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic (AEGP), suitable for cycle routes and street names. AEGP returns around 16% of light to a driver.
  • Class R2 / RA2 - High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) The most common grade used on road signs. HIP returns 32% of light to the driver.
  • Class R3B - Required where other light sources such as shops and street lighting are present. This material returns 58% of light to the driver.
  • Class R3C - Specifically targeted at HGV drivers where the headlamp units are located far lower than the driver. This is the best in class reflectivity and should be used for HGV specific signage, for example, height restriction signage.
Close-up of reflectivity pattern

Why Buy Your Permanent Signage From Start Traffic?

We are one of the UK’s leading online providers of permanent road signage. We stock a wide range of common permanent road signs in RA2 grade reflectivity. This allows us to cover most requirements of new car parks, cycle routes and industrial estates.

With a design service also available we can produce custom sized and custom designed signs to your needs. This is perfect for larger projects where directional signage is required.

We have a quick turnaround time on all orders and will assist with any questions wherever we can, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Need Assistance Finding The Right Permanent Sign?

If you cannot find the sign face you are looking for, or need a one-off sign then please contact us. We have worked with everyone from schools to the military to provide unique sign solutions improving safety all over the country. We are happy to assist with any enquiry whether it is for one sign or 5000. Our sales team can be reached on +44 (0)1905 794875 during normal office hours.

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