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Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates

  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
  • Safegate Barrier - Red or Yellow, 3 or 4 Gates
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Safegate Barrier for Manholes

The all new HDPE plastic street works and manhole safety barrier is here.

Using the latest moulding processes and made from plastic instead of steel, these gates can be battered and scraped all without the worry of weakening from rust corrosion and metal shape retention. Not only are they more durable, they are 30% lighter making these effortless to carry around.  The all new design now incorporates top hinges for deploying in straight lines and increasing stability.

PLEASE NOTE: The Safegate no longer features a reflective panel along the bottom of each panel.

Key Details Of The Safegate:

  • Ideal for ground works, and protecting pedestrianised areas.
  • Prevent access to open manholes, drain, areas of wet flooring, trip hazards and spillages.
  • Compact design makes it ideal for use in workshops and even supermarkets.
  • One of the fastest barriers to deploy.
  • All packages are supplied with chapter 8 reflective strips and all the necessary clips to use the gates.
  • Won't get stolen for scrap metal.
  • Compatible with SafeBase Foot
yellow Safegate in use blocking access

Why Use Plastic Instead of Metal?

The metal Safe Gate was an established product well suited to the job of protecting manholes and ground works from being disturbed by pedestrians. The downside to the metal Safe Gates is that after lots of use they start to discolour and rust. They are also prone to denting and bending.

After taking into consideration the issues of the metal safe gate, we now offer a new plastic safe workgate which is Chapter 8 Compliant and has all the same abilities as the metal Safe Gates.

Advantages of Plastic over Metal:

  • Does not discolour
  • Does not Rust
  • Does not Dent/Bend
  • Can be used in a straight line

The Metal Safe gate is a well-known and well-liked design, however, the new plastic safe gate surpasses the old safe gate being more durable, easier to use and is also cheaper.

Available Options

Three Gate Yellow Barrier in use with Electrical installations

Three Gate

The three gate variant of the Safegate barrier is generally used to create a safety zone around open control panels.

Manhole Barrier

Four Gate

Better for smaller open ground works and putting around spills and open manholes.

Red and Yellow Safegates available as standard

Yellow & Red

Different industries prefer different colours, this barrier is available in both red and yellow. Custom colours can be made to order.

Chapter 8 Products From Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Chapter 8 compliant road safety equipment. This range includes the Avalon barrier, Highwayman cone, LowPro range Safegate, Strongwall Barrier and More.

If you require more information on this range you can get in touch with our sales team who will be able to talk you through any requirements or offer a site visit from the manufacturers if required.

Have Questions About This Barrier?

Please phone and speak to our sales team if you have any questions regarding this barrier. If you would like to order you can simply checkout online. Our sales team will happily assist you on +44 (0)1905 794875 during office hours. If you want to contact us outside of these times please send us an email.

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ConformsBSEN13422, The Red Book 2013, Chapter 8
ConformsBS 8442:2015, Chapter 8, The Red Book, TSRGD
ConformsBS7818 Specification for pedestrian restraint systems, Chapter 8.
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TypeHigh density Polyethylene


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