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Regulatory Road Signs For Sale

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Showing 1 to 66 of 73 (2 Pages)

Regulatory Road Signs - Permanent Post Mounted

Regulatory permanent traffic signs are seen on every road in the UK. They are mostly seen in the ‚Äúprohibitive‚ÄĚ format as a circular sign with a red outer ring. A great example of a prohibitive sign and perhaps the most commonly seen variant are speed limit signs.

Sometimes referred to as ‚Äúsigns giving orders‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúinstruction road signs‚ÄĚ regulatory signs do not always state what cannot be done, but can often give positive instructions. When giving positive instructions they will usually have a blue background, as is the case with a one-way arrow indicating the direction traffic must flow.

Our range of regulatory traffic signs is available to buy online or over the phone. We offer a selection of sizes, designs and even reflectivity grades to ensure you get the right sign for the job.

Traffic joining from the right onto main carriageway warning sign in use

Here Are Some Examples Of Common Regulatory Road Signs

No Right Turn Sign

No Right Turn - Dia 612

This sign can be seen at traffic lights and junctions and clearly indicates where road users are prohibited from making a right turn.

No Entry Sign

No Entry - Dia 616

This sign clearly indicates where vehicle traffic should not enter. It can often be accompanied by no entry road markings.

Traffic Merging From Left Sign

Turn Left Symbol - Dia 606

This symbol instructs driers to turn right, unlike the prohibitive signs it has a blue background to indicate it is a positive yet still compulsory instruction. A similar sign to this is a mini roundabout sign.

School Crossing Sign

Permit Holders Only - Dia 660

Where there is a shortage of parking you will almost always find a permit holders only sign, especially in residential areas.

Uncommon Regulatory Road Signs

Like all permanent road signs, there are always those signs that are not very common or frequently misunderstood.

No Motorised Vehices Sign

Diagram 619

Sometimes jokingly referred to as the ‚Äúlow flying motorcycles sign‚ÄĚ this sign actually prohibits all motor vehicles. This we would assume would include flying motorcycles.

No explosives on board Sign

Diagram 622.8

If you see this sign, and your vehicle is full of explosives, then you must not proceed. Frequently seen around military bases, this sign very likely is not relevant to most of the general public.

Minimum Sppeed Limit Sign

Diagram 672

Unlike normal speed limit signs that tell you what speed you should not exceed, these signs being blue signs state a minimum speed limit that you must travel faster than.

Pedal Cycles, Horse-Drawn Vehicles and Pedestrians Only Sign

Diagram 956.2

This sign is one that we here at Start Traffic have never seen in the flesh, it states that the route is only for pedal cycles, horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians. A more common version of this positive instruction road sign is a bus lane sign.

Other Permanent Sign Types

Popular Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Most permanent warning signs for the road are triangular in shape and feature a red border. These signs warn drivers of obstacles, lane restrictions, and significant changes in the road direction.

Informatory Parking Sign

Information Signs

These permanent signs give information indicating how far a junction is away in the form of countdown markers. They are all rectangular and can in some instances feature regulatory signs within them.

Types of Directional Signs Found on The Road

Direction Signs

These signs include place names, or directions to nearby attractions, business parks or industrial estates. Directional signs will sometimes feature a map where necessary.

Men at Work Sign in a Metal Frame

Road Work Signs

Many of these signs can be found in and around road works as often as they are seen in a permanent format. If you are looking for a temporary sign, then you will be better off checking out our temporary road sign category.

Need Help Finding The Right Sign?

Give our sales team a call today on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will be able to assist with any questions you may have. If you have any specific questions about deployment and positioning of signs then we recommend checking the government guidance documents. Links to all of these traffic sign regulation documents can be found on our regulations page.

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