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Premium Hi Vis Softshell Jackets

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Hi Vis Softshell Jacket - Lightweight & Comfortable

If you need a lightweight jacket that is both hi vis and breathable then a hi visibility softshell jacket may be just what you need. Softshell jackets are breathable and lightweight making them great for applications where physical labour is required. Although breathable they do a great job of blocking out gusts of wind, ensuring you keep warm even on cooler days.

Available in a choice of colours including Hi Vis Yellow and Hi Vis Orange these jackets can be used in a multitude of different applications. With options available that can be worn as a base layer in part of a layered all season system these jackets are comfortable and indispensable.

Most softshell jackets on the market comply to with EN ISO 20471 Class 3 making them suitable for areas that have faster moving traffic or are particularly hazardous. Some Soft Shell Hi Vis Jackets in our range feature “non scratch” designs that have all metal and hard plastics covered by fabric, making them a firm favourite in automotive construction and logistics.

Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket In Use Outdoors

Key Considerations And Features Of High Visibility Softshell Jackets

When buying any clothing for work, especially hi vis workwear it is important to check that it meets all relevant standards and requirements. Below we have detailed some key features found on softshell jackets, as well as a few other more common features. But for more features to consider when buying a hi vis clothing, please see our Hi Vis Workwear page.

Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket In Use Outdoors


When looking for a softshell jacket look for something that offers a degree protection from the wind when working in exposed areas, it will also ensure body heat is not lost leaving you cold.

Quality RFX Reflectives On Pulsar Hi Vis Sof Shell Jacket


Ensure that any reflective materials on the jacket are up to standard from a reputable brand, ensuring its performance and endurance during the lifespan of the softshell jacket.

Microfleece Liner Material

Liner Material

As softshell jackets are generally worn over minimal base layers a good liner is an essential component that keeps the jacket comfortable. Look for a microfleece liner or similar.

Adjustable Cuffs On Pulsar P534 Soft Shell Jacket

Cuff Design

Adjustable cuffs ensure that unwelcome gusts of wind are kept out and helps you to retain bodyheat whilst working.

Pockets On A Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket

Pocket Locations

You can never have too many pockets, many softshell jackets have two front pockets with zips and a zip up chest pocket, all of which are excellent for stowing phones and keys.

Soft Shell Jacket Used As A Underlayer To A Storm Coat


If you intend to wear your softshell as a base layer in a larger jacket then ensure that it is listed as being compatible and features the proper reversible zips.

Quality Branded Zips

Branded Zips

A good quality zip goes a long way, look for a trusted brand name such as YKK ensuring that the jacket zip stays done up and does not come undone unexpectedly.

Adjustable Waist

Adjustable Waist

Much like the cuffs having an adjustable waist band will help keep body heat in and keep gusts of wind out making it a must have on softshell jackets.

Comforms With EN 20461 Class 3


Ensure that your jacket meets EN ISO 20471 class 3, meaning it has the correct amount of reflective and luminous surface area to be worn on construction sites.

No Exposed Hard Points On Pulsar P534 Soft Shell Jacket

No Exposed Hard Points

Many softshell jackets will conceal zips, poppers, buttons and other fasteners behind fabric flaps. This is to prevent scratches to finished painted surfaces.

Other Hi Vis Jackets In Our Range

Waterproof Hi Vis Jacket

Waterproof Hi Vis Jackets

Take a look at the full range of waterproof jackets suitable for use in the wettest of weather.

Yello Hi Vis Jacket

Yellow High Vis Jackets

Bright fluorescent yellow high vis jackets of all styles and sizes.

Orange Hi Vis Jacket

Orange Hi Vis Jackets

If you are working on rail infrastructure this will be the category for you.

Hi Vis Bomber Jacket

Hi Vis Bomber Jackets

These traditional styled pilot jackets are padded and keep you warm, they feature elasticated waistlines and wrists.

Hi Vis Bodywarmer

Hi Vis Bodywarmers

Looking for something to keep you warm on dry frosty mornings, these may be for you.

Hi Vis Storm Jacket

Hi Vis Storm Jackets

Longer jackets suitable for the worst of rain storms. They extend further down the body keeping you dry.

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