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Premium Quality Hi Vis Work Clothes & Workwear

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Hi Vis Workwear - Keeping You Safe & Seen On Site

At Start Safety we take pride in only stocking high quality Hi Vis Work clothes that are durable, comfortable and most importantly can easily be seen and meet the relevant standards and classifications.

When browsing our hi vis clothing you will quickly notice the keen focus on quality, with the majority of our products containing premium branded zippers that wont work loose, and quality reflective materials that are stitched as well as thermally applied wherever feasible.

Whether you are looking to protect yourself or your whole worksite we have a whole range of hi vis clothing that includes hi-vis jackets, hi-vis trousers, hi-vis overalls, and of course the ever popular hi-vis vests. Ensuring that no matter the role you will be seen on site and be safer because of it.

Construction Workers Wearing Pulsar Hi-vis Work Wear

Who Wears High Visibility Workwear?

You will find High visibility clothing across many sectors and types of businesses, from transport firms to schools a vibrant yellow vest will be present. Of course the most popular and common place to find high visibility clothing is on construction sites. Some other great examples of where you may find high vis workwear clothing include;

Worker At A Manufacturing Plant Wearing Hi-vis Work Wear


In factories across the country there is often a need for heavy lifting equipment. Workers therefore will wear high visibility clothing to ensure that forklifts and other equipment can clearly see them as they navigate the area.

Warehouse Professional Wearing A Hi-vis Jacket


Warehouse employees will wear high visibility workwear to ensure that they are easily seen by operators of lifting equipment and drivers that are coming too and from the site to unload and load equipment and goods.

Office Fire Marshall Cheking The Fire Registry At The Fire Assembly Point


During fire drills you will often find that the designated fire marshal will wear a high visibility jacket or high visibility vest so that other workers know who is in charge and who to report to for registration.

Council Refuse Collector Wearing Hi-vis Workwear

Council Services

Refuge collection workers wear high visibility clothing to ensure that they are seen whilst working in and around traffic at the road side.

Utilities Engineers Installing Utilities On The Road Side


Contractors installing broadband and fibre optic services will wear appropriate high visibility clothing whilst carrying out their work, especially when working near the road side.

Fire Marshall With Hi-vis Waist Coat Checking The Functionality Of The Fire Alarms

Health & Safety Inspectors

The man who comes to make sure you are wearing the right PPE will of course almost always be seen wearing a High Vis piece of clothing whilst carrying out inspection.

Rail Maintenance Inspector Wearing Orange Hi-vis Clothing

Rail Maintenance

When working alongside live rail infrastructure workers must wear high visibility clothing to ensure they can be seen at a distance by both train drivers and the rest of their team.

HGV Driver Wearing a Hi-vis  Vest On Busy Distribution Centre Yard

Lorry Drivers

The drivers who keep all our shops and fridges stocked always carry high visibility workwear in their cab, ensuring they have it to hand to wear when loading and unloading their vehicle.

Streetworks Worker At Night Requiring Highest Grade of Hight Visibility Clothing

How Many Classes of Hi-Vis Workwear Are There?

There are three classes of high visibility workwear, each has specific requirements for the amount of reflective and fluorescent material that the garment must include. Along with this there are strict guidelines as to when each class should be applied.

  • Class 1 - Suitable for low risk areas where workers are around equipment and vehicles moving at up to 19mph. Clothing that meets class 1 requirements must have at least 0.1 m2 of reflective material and 0.14m2 of fluorescent material.
  • Class 2 - If you are working around vehicles operating at speeds up to 25mph then you will need at least class 2 rated high vis workwear. Class 2 clothing needs to have at least 0.13m2 of reflective material and 0.5m2 of fluorescent material.
  • Class 3 - The highest grade of high visibility workwear for use in dangerous environments where the reflective material should alow the full silouette of the worker to be easily seen. If you are working around traffic traveling at up to 37mph you wil almost certainly need to wear class 3 clothing. Class 3 requires that the workwear features 0.2m2 of reflective material and 0.8m2 of flourecent material.

Of course there are other factors to consider when choosing your workwear as well as the class that the workwear adheres to. This includes its breathability waterproof rating and breathability under EN343 and whetheror not you need a fire rated hi vis or arc flash rated hi vis garment.

What Colour Hi Vis Should I Wear?

The colour of high vis workwear that you wear on a daily basis will strongly depend on the job you are doing and your workplace best practices.

If you are working on rail infrastructure you will almost certainly be required to wear an orange garment, where as other sites may only permit yellow garments. Other sites may use colour coding to signify different roles, so if you are starting at a new workplace always check what their PPE clothing requirements are before you start.

Railway Engineer Wearing Orange Hi-vis Jacket And Trousers

Can You Wash A Hi Vis Piece Of Clothing?

Yes, but how many times depends strongly on the quality. For example all of our Pulsar high visibility garments indicate a “certified washes” count. This is the amount of times the clothing item can be washed before the high visibility and fluorescent elements of the clothing may go out of specification and no longer meet the standards.

The above is not to say that you should not wash your clothing, as an excessively dirty piece of high vis workwear will not be visible either and is in most cases going to perform worse than something that has been washed too many times.

Dirty Hi-vis Polo Shirt Worn By A Scruffy Warehouse Worker

Key Types Of High Visibility Workwear

Pulsar p206 Waterproof Over Trousers

Hi Vis Trousers

Browse our range of hi-vis trousers, with waterproof options available in a range of colours and sizes.

Pulsar P197 Hi-vis Waist Coat

Hi Vis Vests

Ideal for wearing over normal workwear to add extra visibility when required at work or on site.

Pulsar p187 Padded Storm Coat

Hi Vis Jackets

Available in a range of sizes and styles. Waterproof options keep you dry during winter months.

Pulsar P522 Hi-vis Overalls

Hi Vis Overalls

When you need to cover every base our hi visibility overalls are a great way to protect your clothes whilst remaining visible.

Need Help Finding The Right Hi Vis Clothing For Your Needs?

Our friendly staff are ready and waiting to help you find the best workwear for the job at hand. We only work with quality brands so you can be sure whatever you buy it will be up to the job and meet all safety standards. Give our team a call today on +44 (0)1905 794875 and get a great deal.

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