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EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface

  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
  • EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat With Premium Traction Surface
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EuroMat - Ground Protection Mat

The EuroMat is a great ground protection product. It has a deep black colour and chevron style traction pattern. If you are running heavy equipment over an area then the EuroMat should be a strong contender for the application.

  • Designed for up to 80-tonne heavy duty applications including HGV's and plant. 
  • Large footprint for maximum coverage - 2.4 x 1.2 metre per mat, 12mm thickness.
  • Can be transported in a double pallet profile.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Up to 50 per pallet (dependent on transport and off-loading facilities)
  • Superior Traction With a Matt finish.
  • Two person Lift
  • Vehicle tread pattern on side A
  • Pedestrian tread pattern on side B

Applications for the Euromat:

  • Access for heavy plant and HGVs during material removal
  • Ground protection during civil engineering and construction
  • Protection during landscaping
  • Temporary paths for high volume foot/pedestrian traffic on soil or grass
  • Car parking
  • Protection for ground maintenance works
  • Not suitable for use with steel tracked vehicles
Plant machineary using euromat

Easy To Manoeuvre

The Euromat has been designed to be easy to move, featuring six extra large handholds. These larger handholds allow gloves to be worn whilst handling the mats. They can be lifted with ease by two workers.

Compared to the alternative wooden or steel mats the EuroMat is much lighter. Up to 50 mats fit onto 1 double pallet bringing shipping cost down considerably. The inert finish of the mats means that they will not rust, rot or cross contaminate different sites.

Designed to Last

Plastic mats last much longer than wooden on steel mats, EuroMats are made from premium recycled High-Density Polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. These are some of the strongest mats on the market tested to be capable of taking 79 tonnes. However, if you need something stronger or need mats for use with steel tracked vehicles, we may have what you need in the TuffTrak section.

EuroMat handgrips for easy placement

EuroMat Stillages Now Available To Buy!

Transporting large quantities of any mat can be difficult, and it is no different for the EuroMat. For this reason, we are now able to offer a stillage that fits the EuroMat, offering better stability and safety when in transit. We can also supply these as a kit that incorporates connectors.

Each Stillage can securely accommodate 25 Euromats (plus 50 connectors between fork slots). They are stackable to allow for easy bulk storage and transport. The front legs are removable to facilitate easy and quick loading and unloading of the mats.

Please contact our sales office on +44 (0)1905 794875 to discuss these stillage packages should you require a quote.

EuroMat Stillages
EuroMat Stillages Stacked

Superior Traction

The surface of this mat is matt/satin in finish. This makes the mats far less slippery than gloss finished items (especially for foot traffic) that are for sale on the market. The material that the mat is made from is consistent between batches ensuring consistent performance and strength between production runs.

An example of an install of Euromats

A Recent Euromats Install with Amey Rail

Amey plc required some ground protection mats to stop a playing field of a school getting churned whilst they were carrying out some construction.

After completing the order for Amey, we spoke to Ian who placed the order to get his thoughts on the service provided by Start Traffic and the Mats.

What made you choose Start Traffic as a supplier?

Ian: "I wanted to use a local supplier to the site, and after a quick internet search for Euromat Suppliers, I found Start Traffic who are Midlands based."

What made you choose the Euromat?

Ian: "The Euromat is easy to handle, maintain and quick to install making it the best choice for the job that we had."

How did you find the Euromat to work with?

Ian: "The mats were quick and easy to install. Though they are strong, they are also relatively light making them easy to manoeuvre."

What are you using the mats for?

Ian: "We’ve used the ground mats to protect the playing field of a local school where we have set up a site compound."

How would you rate our customer service?

Ian: "I found the service provided was very good. Everyone I dealt with was a pleasure to do business with."

Would you use Start Traffic again in the future or recommend us to a friend?

Ian: "Yes. In fact, we have already placed a second order for more fixings."

Amey plc is a large infrastructure support service provider who required the mats for a rail project. Take a look at Amey Transport Infrastructure to see the vast work they do.

Different Finishes and Colours Available For Sale

By default, we supply these mats in black with tread pattern on both sides. However, if you are running these mats over delicate surfaces you may want to call us and ask about our one-sided traction mats, or even our white mats.

Not Sure Which Mat?

No problem! Give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to our ground protection team. They will happily assist you in finding the right product for your requirements.

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Per Unit35kg
Type100% recycled or virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
ApplicationTemporary road ways, footpaths, landscaping, ground protection
Pallet TypeDouble (Off-loading facilities will be required for delivery)
Per PalletUsually 25. May be carrier dependant.


Customer Questions & Answers

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Where do I get the connector for the mats
This is an inquiry about the mats as I need to suspress weed to improve my garden as this may a answer to my problem.
  • Thank you for your enquiry. The connectors are available in the ground protection category here:


    The product codes (which you can enter into the search) are 12254 and 12713
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