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Carters ShockSafe Insulated Cable Layer Treaded Shovel

  • Carters ShockSafe Insulated Cable Layer Treaded Shovel
  • Carters ShockSafe Insulated Cable Layer Treaded Shovel
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Carters ShockSafe Insulated Cable Layer Shovel BS8020

The “1-way” cable layer shovel is ideal for use when laying single pipes or cables. Its narrower blade means that you do not need to dig out extra material unnecessarily just to accommodate the width of the blade.

This is part of the Carters Shocksafe range and is insulated for live working applications. As part of its BS8020 specification, it also offers protection when live cables carrying up to 10,000V are accidentally struck. The handle is specifically designed to insulate the user from the blade, minimising the risk of electric shock. This is especially important given the application that this specific shovel is used in, where it is not uncommon to be working around existing buried utilities.

The blade of this Shocksafe cable layer shovel is forged from a single piece of steel and features integrated treads. These treads reinforce the blade, meaning it can be made lighter without weakening the shovel; they also increase the surface area so that foot pressure can be applied to increase digging performance and comfort.

Insulated tool range

Key Features Of The Carters ShockSafe Insulated No.2 Square Mouth Shovel BS8020

Cable Layer Head Shape

130mm Narrow Head

With the widest part of this spade head only 130mm wide, it is ideal for digging very narrow trenches, suitable for only a single cable.

Extra Wide Handles

Extra Wide Handle

Suitable for use with gloves on during winter months and comfortable for those with larger hands.

BS8020 Compliant

BS8020:2011 Compliant

BS8020:2011 Compliant - Suitable for live working and use around like cables, it will keep you protected from buried cables carrying up to 10,000V.

Forward Facing Treads

Forward-Facing Treads

Forged forward-facing treads reinforce the blade without adding extra weight. They provide more surface area for feet, offering greater stability whilst working.

Torsionally Tested Handles

240N Handle Torsion Test

Ensures the handle will not twist and fail when loads up to 240N are applied.

10000v electrical insulation

10,000V Electrical Test

The most important figure for this Shocksafe range is that tools are flash tested to 10,000 to ensure they will perform as required on site.

Unique ID

Individual Serial Number

This tool has an individual serial number showing that it has passed testing and conforms with BS8020 2011.

ABS Hand Guard

ABS Hand Guard Shell

A durable ABS shell offers protection for hands and offers excellent insulation against shocks.

Specialist Shaft Seal

Specialist Shaft Seal

The joint between the handle and the blade feature a specially developed seal to prevent moisture and water ingress that could impact conductivity.

Forged Steel Blade

Ultra Durable Blade

The blade has been forged and tested to withstand loads up to 95kgs, exceeding the requirements of BS3388.

Handle Bend Test

Handle Bend Test

A solid fibreglass core encapsulated in a blended polypropylene outer shell make this handle able to withstand 750n in a bend test whilst also having great insulative properties.

Lightweight Tool

Lightweight Design

Weights only 2.4kg, making it easy to work with all day with the spade head and handle, both saving weight and not adding to your working load.

Alternatives To This Shocksafe Cable Layer (1-way) Shovel

GPO Tenching Spade

Need Help Finding The Right BS8020 Hand Tool for The Job?

Our friendly sales team are here to help on +44 (0)1905 794875; they will assist you with any questions you may have whilst looking for your perfect BS8020 tool. They have an extensive range of knowledge and can help you find the right shocksafe tool for the job at a price that won't shock you.

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EN StandardsBS8020:2011
Head Width150mm
Head Length280mm

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