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High Quality Pickaxes & Mattocks

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Professional Pickaxes & Mattocks For Digging and Excavating

At Start Safety, we stock many mattocks and pick axes for professional and home users. These tools are manufactured by some of the best brands out there, including Richard Carter Tools, who have been making tools since the 1700’s.

Within the comprehensive range of pick axes for sale at Start Safety, we have picks for digging trenches in hazardous areas where live cables are present; these feature an insulated handle and garden pick axes with traditional wooden handles for turning over the soil in a vegetable patch.

Forged heads make these tools hard-wearing and capable of working tough ground. Our quality Mattock tools come in a range of styles from a mattock pick to a mattock axe style. These make digging out tree stumps or breaking up rock clumps in a trench easy.


Key Pickaxe and Mattock Features & Styles


Any tool with “Shocksafe” in the handle is suitable for use around live cables and conductors carrying up to 1000V. They are compliant with BS8020:2011.

Head Only

Many of our Mattocks and Picks are sold as head-only; this lets you choose the best handle for your needs.

Double Headed

We offer a range of heads with two tool points; this is indicated in the name; for example, you can get a chisel and point end pick, which effectively gives you two tools in one.

Point Ended

The point pick end can break up the toughest soils or split rocks, break up tarmac and other hard surfaces.

Chisel Ended

This has a slightly flattened blade that is better suited to breaking up soil.

Axe Ended

An axe-bladed pick or mattock deal for cutting through roots and other items as you dig.

Grubbing End

This wide, flat blade is almost like a blade for digging; it can be used to cut through clay and other soils, taking slices off with each blow.

Choice Of Handles

Get the handle that suits your needs, from economy hardwood to premium hickory handles and fibreglass insulated handles; they are all available.

Forged Heads

Most of our picks feature a single-piece solid forged head that is hardened and tempered for exceptional durability.

Taking Care Of Your Pickaxe

After a hard day's work, it is important to take care of your mattock or pick axe appropriately. First, brush off any loose dirt and debris. You can then use an oiled cloth to wipe over all metal components, preventing moisture from causing rust.

When not in use, always store your pickaxe in a dry location to ensure that it does not rust. Before each use, you should inspect the handle and head-to-handle connection, look for any signs of cracking, and ensure that the head is tightly fitted. If there are any signs of damage or splitting, either fit a new handle or get a competent person to inspect the item.

Not Sure Which Tool To Go For?

If you cannot find the Pick Axe for digging or Mattock for sale that you need, then do not hesitate to call our friendly sales team; you can pick at their knowledge and let them do the hard work for you. You can contact the team today on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will help you find the right tool at a price that will fit your budget.

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