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Bus Shelters

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Weather Resistant, Durable Bus Stop Shelters For Outdoor Installation

Our extensive collection caters to most tastes and functional requirements. We stock high-quality and professional looking bus stop shelters, chosen for their varied styles, ensuring a broad range of options to suit different needs. The panel cladding, often made from glass or perspex, enhances their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Additionally, most bus shelters in our range boast enough advertising space for two Procity noticeboards designed specifically for bus shelters. This creates opportunities to convey messages or to generate income effectively.

Installation options include bolt-down or concrete-in methods, offering flexibility to adapt to different settings. Our bus shelters for sale are greatly complemented by other products in our street furniture selection, such as perch benches, backless benches, bins, bus stop signs or notice boards, creating a cohesive and functional environment.

Procity Venice Bus Stop Shelter


All of our bus stop shelters boast the following features, which can be found in our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category.
Consider each of these factors when choosing the best shelter for your space:

Fully Modular Procity Voute Zoom On Roof


This can be made from anything from UV-resistant safety glass to solid steel, flat to barrel-shaped, and can often accommodate bus stop signs. Choose depending on your use case and how much protection from the weather is necessary.

Rear Cladding for the Procity Conviviale Shelter Family

Rear & Side Cladding

Optional in safety glass, perspex or steel, cladding is often transparent in our range of bus stop shelters, affording a suitable view of oncoming buses and traffic to users. Cladding is easily affixed with a simple pinch-grip system.

Mid Post Procity


Depending on the style, our bus stop shelters provide the choice of 2 rear posts or 4 posts total. By installing only the front posts, bus shelters have a more modern look, are more aesthetically pleasing, and users have a better view of oncoming traffic.

Solar Panels For Conviviale Shelter Family

Lighting & Power

Most of our bus stop shelters are powered by a 220V power supply, so they must be wired correctly during installation. Some of our shelters, however, offer LED lighting powered by photovoltaic panels that have been installed in the roof!


Advertising Space

Our bus shelters range from having 1 to 4 spaces for advertising and notice boards, allowing owners to generate more or less passive income by sacrificing a view for users.

Procity Bolt Down Feet

Installation Method

Our range of bus shelters can be concreted in (for the most durability and vandalism resistance) or bolted down (for ease of installation on already solid ground). Consider the location and ground surface when making your choice.

Procity Venice Fully Accessorised Bus Shelter

Space For Related Amenities

Some amenities are essential when installing bus stop shelters (both to facilitate the lives of users and for greater cost efficiency).


We are proud of our quality products because we know they’re built from quality materials. So much so that we provide a 10 year guarantee on most of them!
Browse our shelter options with confidence.

Procity Quality Bus Shelter and Accessories

Bespoke Solutions

Build a shelter tailored to your specific requirements by exploring our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category. Here, you have the option to assemble a structure with custom dimensions using frames and panels.

Alternatively, you can choose from our staff-designed and hand-prepared assortment of prebuilt smoking shelters, walkway shelters, cycle shelters, bus shelters, bin shelters, trolley shelters, and paypoint shelters.

You can also drop us a call and we'll design one that responds to your needs together.

Infinitely Modular Procity Conviviale Shelter Family

Need Help Finding The Best Shelter For Your Bus Stop?

Whether you’re looking for the best shelter for your space or you want help designing your open space, our specialised team of staff will be more than happy to help you reach your goals, call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875,
or use the chat box below to send us an instant message!

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