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Cycle Shelters & Bike Storage Shelters

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Bike Shelters & Bicycle Storage Solutions

Our cycle shelters are made for year-round use and offer a safe, secure and protected setting for bike parking and storage. A well-positioned bike shelter will offer refuge from adverse weather conditions and provide a clear area for cycle parking all under one structure.

Our range of bicycle shelters come in a variety of styles, from stylish and sleek to practical and compact. With this in mind, we are sure to have a bicycle storage shelter to meet your needs. We offer an array of canopy shelters, with the option to add cladding to many to suit a multitude of environments.

Our shelters are manufactured from robust materials with a range of finishing options and form a key part of our cycle storage solutions range. Many of our shelters belong to families with similar aesthetics, for example, we have the Province collection which offers bike racks, bike stands and shelters in the same galvanised and painted finish with a choice of matching decorative top caps.

Moonshape Bike Shelter Installed

What Are The Benefits Of a Bike Shelter?

We have a range of bicycle shelters for schools and workplaces that can encourage pupils and workers to cycle in, knowing they have a safe area to lock their bike up.

Cycling offers many health benefits for workers, and can even reduce the number of sick days people take. With bikes often being an expensive purchase, staff and pupils need to be safe in the knowledge that their bike will be sheltered from the elements whilst they are hard at work.

By providing a shelter It shows care and attention to cycle users and also the environment. A quality shelter is a great addition to many establishments and can enhance its outer curb appeal especially if choosing one of our innovative solutions.

Economy Bike Shelter

Shelters & Where They Could Be Utilised

Cycle shelters are increasingly being seen outside of a variety of businesses because they provide peace of mind to cyclists. Some of the key locations for bike shelters include:

  • Schools - Cycle shelters for schools are a great way to encouraged pupils to cycle to school. The shelter offers somewhere for them to lock up their bikes and protect them from adverse weather conditions.
  • Hospitals - With hospital car parks being well known for their often frustrating layout and being at full capacity for most of the day adding a cycle shelter gives both workers and visitors another option of transport.
  • Public Transport - Commuters may choose to take their bikes onward with them but a secure cycle shelter gives them the option to leave their cycle for the working day. It also means when they return that they won’t find their saddle soaking wet if it has rained.
  • Sports Centres - By virtue of its name a sports centre or gym already has members who are passionate about their health and fitness so why not offer them an option to cycle to your facilities as well.

These are just a few examples of how different places within both public and private sectors might choose to make use of a cycle shelter.

bike shelter installed at school

Bike Shelter Installation Options

The main installation options are either for the shelter to be concreted directly into the ground or on-base plates bolted down with height-adjustable feet. For each shelter, we can provide detailed information about the foundation requirements such as spacing and depth needed.

The most important factor to consider is to ensure that there is good quality hard standing and that there is sufficient space.

Some of the shelters we offer are modular and extendable and some shelters have optional cladding features. Please have a look at our range and don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss your personal specifications.

Voute bike shelter installed

Key Bike Shelter Features

Across our wide range of cycle shelters, you will find a multitude of features. We have covered some of these in a bit more detail below;

Modular Construction

Conviviale Bike Shelter Extension module

Most of our bike shelters are modular, allowing you to extend them for when more cycle storage is needed. So if you find a shelter design you like but it is too small, it is very likely you can extend it to your needs.

Complete Solutions

Initial Conviviale Bike Shelter

If you are looking for the full package we have several options from our range of bike shelters that come complete with an integrated bike rack such as the province shelter, which co-ordinates perfectly within the range of street furniture from the Province collection.

Shelters To Suit All Style Needs

Gone are the days of bike sheds which all look the same. With our range of bike shelters, you can really stand out from the crowd. Most of our shelters can be painted in a range of colours. This allows you to customise the shelter to suit surrounding buildings and street furniture.

Our shelters are all provided with corrosion-resistant finishes, whether that is powder coating over a galvanised steel frame or an anodised finish on aluminium.

Decorative panels and motifs can be added on some shelters too, to further enhance the appearance of the storage area.

Customised province bike shelter installed

How Do I Purchase A Bike Shelter?

Choosing a bike shelter could no be simpler, you can navigate through our website to look at our range of options and find the best one for your needs. Once you have found what you are looking for simply add to cart and you will have taken the first step to your preferred cycle storage solution.

Need Help Choosing The Right Bike Storage Solution For Your Needs?

We are here to help! Our experienced and knowledgable sales team will happily discuss our cycle shelters and other bike storage solution options with you to ensure you pick the best system for your requirements. Please contact us on +44 (0)1905 794875 for more information.

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