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Recycle Bins

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Recycling Bins for Outdoor Environments

Outdoor recycling bins are an essential addition for the management of waste and recycling. Our durable and environmentally friendly recycling bins are designed using long-lasting materials to ensure prolonged use and to contribute to environmental credibility.

Motivate local passersby to embrace recycling and environmental consciousness by installing an outdoor selective sort bin. Colour-coded recycling bins are practical and easy to identify, which promotes local sorting. This reduces the workload for local councils and adds a stylish touch to any environment.

Please note that selective sort colours are different in different locations. Our colour-coded bin lids are usually available in yellow, green, blue and brown as standard but can usually be made in a colour of your choice - just give us a call!

Procity Kube Waste Bin Located In An Urban Environment

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Recycling Bin For Your Space

Positioning your bin strategically near existing recycling stations helps optimise the overall waste collection and sorting process.

Some of our selective sort bins are designed to hold several bags to serve several different recyclables in one bin. These are cost-effective solutions for areas that recycle and sort multiple materials (selective sort bins).

Procity Venice Selective Sort Bin Located In Park

Key Features

Bins for recycling are designed using different materials and setups to appeal to different needs and use cases:

Top And Lid Of Procity Kube Litter Bin


Some bins have lids to protect contents from weather elements, like wind and rain, which can impact waste disposal and storage.

Procity Kube Bin Made From Sustainable Materials

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Opt for bins made from environmentally conscious materials like steel, wood, or HPL for durability. Consider both environmental friendliness and cost when choosing materials.

Procity Seville Rectabgular Litter Bin Build Features

Build Features

Our bins offer various build features to consider. The opening mechanism and waste disposal slot are design elements that can significantly affect daily use.

Procity Losange Lightweight Selective Sort Recycle Bin


Quality recycling bins are typically made from durable and sustainable materials, ensuring longevity and environmental responsibility.

Procity Silaos Bin Design


Opt for bins made from environmentally conscious materials like steel, wood, or HPL for durability. Consider both environmental friendliness and cost when choosing materials.

Procity Venice Recycling Bin With Massive 120 Litre Capacity Largest Bin


The perfect recycling bin should be big enough to hold the recyclables generated in that area until it's emptied. This avoids overflow, which can be an important problem during some times of the year.

Others In Our Range

If you don't see a recycling bin here that meets exactly what you want, feel free to explore the other waste disposal bins in our inventory. You might discover a litter or a child-friendly bin that suits your preferences better.

Modular Seat Bench Set in a Row

Do You Need A Shelter For Your Recycling Bin(s)?

If you’re looking for a shelter or recycling bin storage location, then look no further! Our range of bin shelters, including the modular Modulo Bin Shelter, can be designed to your exact specifications, allowing them to be installed in specific shaped locations.

Procity Modulo Bin Shelter Installed In Green Space

Other Options

Bins are versatile by design, modular and adaptable to different environments. If you can't find what you need in our rubbish bins, check our other categories, like waste bins, cigarette bins, dog waste bins, or child-friendly bins, where you might find something more adapted to your needs.

Procity Lofoten Light Weight Installed In Urban Area

Binspired... By The Beauty of Recycling..!

If you're thinking of adding a recycling bin to your open space and need help choosing the best one, or if you have any questions, you can call us on +44 (0)1905 794875.
You can also send us an instant message using the chat box below, and we’ll get back to you asap!

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