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Cigarette bins

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Outdoor Ashtrays And Cigarette Bins

Cigarette disposal units, which are usually called cigarette bins, are specialised containers designed for the safe disposal of cigarette butts and related waste in outdoor areas. These bins typically feature a compact and sturdy construction and are often constructed from fire-resistant materials to prevent accidental fires caused by discarded cigarette ends. This category refers to any receptacle designed to store cigarette waste.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, cigarette bins come in various styles, ranging from wall-mounted units to freestanding bollards or containers. Since the July 2007 smoking ban in the UK, smoking bins tend to be installed in outdoor designated smoking areas.

Many modern outdoor ashtrays with lids incorporate features like lockable compartments for added security and weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor elements. Providing a designated space for smokers to dispose of their cigarette waste responsibly, these bins contribute to maintaining cleaner and more environmentally friendly public spaces, work environments and recreational zones.

Cigarette Waste Bollard In Use


Our range of cigarette bins and outdoor ashtrays vary in their design, responding to different needs, environments and use cases through 3 main style options:

Cigarette Ashtray Waste Disposal Bollard from procity

Ashtray Bollards

As the name suggests, ashtray bollards, or pillar ashtrays, are posts featuring a compartment in the top that can be used as an ashtray. These bollards are very practical as they are free-standing and tend to be narrow enough to be installed in almost any outdoor location. They compliment our range of smoking shelters perfectly and tend to be bolted down to the surface so they can’t be blown over. This being said, ashtray bollards generally offer fairly little internal storage capacity, so they must be emptied often and are relatively difficult to clean.

Cigarette and Litter Bin Combo Installed In the Town Centre

Cigarette And Litter Bins

These combine a refuse bin with an ashtray and offer the highest cigarette waste capacity out of all our cigarette disposal units. Sometimes they provide 2 different compartments to distinguish between waste, but often the top is just used to put out the cigarette, and butts are stored in a communal bin compartment. These are a very versatile cigarette waste solution, although they have to be emptied daily due to their frequency of usage. They are usually free-standing, so they may be affected by the wind.

Wall Mounted Ashtray Bollard

Wall-Mounted Ashtrays

The most popular form of outdoor ashtray, wall ashtrays have the versatility to be installed on any rigid vertical surface, complimenting the installation of a smoking shelter (even without cladding) in most outdoor spaces. They offer a significant amount of waste storage, although not as much as a cigarette and litter bin.

All of our outdoor cigarette disposal units are quick and easy to install and replace, offering a permanent solution to waste in your smoking area (subject to cleaning and maintenance!).

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cigarette Bin For Your Space

Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin To Save Space

How Much Space Do You Have?

Consider how much free space you have for the cigarette disposal unit, as well as any accessories you might need and where said space is. Do you have floor space or wall space?

Procity Smoking Shelter Installed With Bin and Ashtray

What Will Users of the Space Need?

What activities, aside from smoking, will users of the cigarette bin be doing while in that space? Many items of street furniture are complementary products to ashtray bins and are usually installed together in open spaces as they are used together. Things like seating (perch benches, backless benches, and even picnic benches), signage, and, more generally, bins are great examples of this.

Do You Need A Shelter For Your Designated Smoking Area?

Choose from our staff-designed and hand-prepared range of prebuilt Smoking Shelters. You might also find what you’re looking for by exploring our whole collection of smoking shelters, walkway shelters, cycle shelters, bus shelters, bin shelters, trolley shelters, and ticket machine shelters.

Alternatively, you can build a shelter tailored to your specific requirements by exploring our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category. Here, you have the option to assemble a structure from scratch with custom dimensions using frames and panels.

Smoking Shelter and Accessories

Our Cigarette Bins Are Where Your Butts Belong!

Designing an open space requires careful consideration of various elements, including the products, designs and materials that will be used. If you have additional questions, seek fresh ideas, or need assistance in making your decision, feel free to contact our friendly team on +44 (0)1905 794875.
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