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Blue Safety Helmets

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Blue Hard Hats - Blue Helmets For Visitors

If you are visiting a construction site that follows the head protection colour coding rules set out by Build UK then you will almost certainly be asked to wear a blue safety helmet. A blue hard hat meaning is defined by Build UK as being worn by someone who is a visitor or does not fall into the other key groups of users.

By wearing a safety helmet in blue you are quickly and easily identifiable as a visitor. This is important as it can vastly improve the safety standards on construction sites and can help site managers keep track of where visitors and unskilled operatives are.

If you are working on a network rail site then you will only see blue, black, and white safety helmets. The blue safety helmet has the same meaning on a Network rail site, with white also still indicating a competent operative.

Construction Site Visitor Wearing A Blue Hard Hat While Consulting Plans

Other Colours of Safety Helmets We Have Available

If you are looking for a helmet in a different colour than blue to complete your personal protective equipment requirements for your work role, then we can help.


White Hard Hats

If you are classified as a competent operative, then you can wear a white hat when on a construction site.


Orange Hard Hats

If you are in charge of attaching loads to lifting equipment as a slinger or signaller role then you should be wearing a hard hat in orange.


Black Hard Hats

For site supervisors working in construction, we have a wide range of black helmets available.


Yellow Hard Hats

Yellow safety helmets are not to be worn on construction sites, but they can still certainly be used at docks, factories and other places with hard hat requirements.


Pink Hard Hats

This helmet colour is often worn as branding by contractors within factories and non-construction environments with no specific role-related meaning.


Green Hard Hats

A green hat is often the best choice if you are a first aider and a non-construction worker. An alternative is to wear green stickers to indicate your first aid status.


Red Hard Hats

Red hard hats are ideal for factory roles where the individual is a fire marshall. As they do not fit with the colour coding system for construction sites, a red sticker set is available for fire marshals working in a construction environment.

Need Help Finding The PPE For Your Needs?

Our safety helmet experts are here to help you find the right helmet for your need, whether that be a high visibility helmet for night working or a bump cap to keep you from hitting your head whilst working in an automotive production line. We can even arrange custom branding! Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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