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Quality Yellow Hard Hats For Sale

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Showing 1 to 13 of 13 (1 Pages)

Yellow Hard Hats For Sale

Construction Worker Wearing A Yellow Hard Hat

We carry a wide range of yellow hard hats on the shelf, ready to ship with next-day delivery. Our selection includes yellow helmet kits with built-in ear defenders and built-in visors, allowing you to keep your eyes and ears safe from potential hazards whilst you work.

All our hard hats meet the strict standards that PPE in the UK has to adhere to, meaning they are thoroughly tested, ensuring they meet the appropriate EN standards. Your work role will ultimately dictate the standard and type of helmet you need to ensure you are working safely and adequately protected.

Although being worn by Bob, the builder, the yellow construction helmet is not permitted on most construction sites in the UK. This is because of the colour coding guidelines set out by BuildUK. Although not containing yellow helmets, these guidelines help identify workers with different roles whilst on site.

Tradesman With A Yellow Hard Hat

Where Are Yellow Hard hats Used?

Yellow hard hats are often worn in other industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, and recycling. The bright yellow colour can make workers easier to identify against visually busy backgrounds.

Depending on the worksite, a yellow helmet may indicate that someone is a visitor, electrician or inspector, so it is always worth checking what the colour coding policy is for hard hats before going to the worksite.

Are You Looking For A Different Colour Of Hard Hat?

At Start Safety, we stock a wide range of helmet colours from only the most reputable brands. If you need to wear a hard hat at work, we will have what you need.

White Hard Hat

White Hard Hats

We have a white hard hat for you if you spend your day vehicle marshalling on a construction site.

Blue Hard Hat

Blue Hard Hats

As well as being suitable for visitors on construction sites our blue helmet range is highly configurable.


Black Hard Hats

If you are a site supervisor, you can find your black helmet in our black helmet category.


Orange Hard Hat

Orange Hard Hats

If you work in construction as a signaller for lifting equipment, our range of orange helmets will keep you safe and easily identifiable.

Red Hard Hat

Red Hard Hats

If you need a red helmet to wear at work to indicate you are a fire marshall, you will find a suitable helmet in our red hard hat category.

Green Hard Hat

Green Hard Hats

Sometimes used in manufacturing and recycling plants to indicate a first aider. These green hard hats come in various configurations.

Need Help Finding The Right Helmet For Your Needs

If you're looking for a yellow hard hat for work or DIY use and don't know what features to look for, don't worry! Our friendly sales team is here to help. We can provide expert advice on selecting the right head protection for your needs. Give us a call at +44 (0)1905 794875 today, and let us help you find the best yellow hard hat!

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