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Plastic Post And Chain Barriers

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Plastic Post and Chain Barrier System

These plastic post and plastic chain barriers are ideal for use in car parks to restrict access. They also very popular for managing crowds and queues. They are lightweight and simple to deploy and can be moved into place within minutes. A heavy rubber base makes them very stable and steady once in position.

Where are they Used?

Plastic post and chain fencing can be used in so many situations it is almost impossible to list all the applications it is suited to. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Supermarkets and shop floors - The mobility and flexibility of the post and chain barrier systems make it ideal for closing off isles during cleaning, restocking or maintenance.
  • Car Parks, Car Dealerships & Garage Forecourts - As the chain and posts are plastic they will not scratch vehicles should contact be made with it. They can be used to prevent cutting across one-way lanes or to close off areas completely.
  • Queue and Crowd control - the mobility of these post and chain fencing systems makes them ideal for deploying temporary queues during busy periods such as seasonal sales.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning - In factories and warehouses it is common to need to section off areas whilst the floor is wet, or maintenance work is being carried out. Our UPVC chain can be quickly setup to restrict access with little effort providing a clear boundary line.
  • Prevent Vehicles Turning in Driveways - Properties with large driveways on country roads area often used as a turning point by lost drivers. Prevent access and wear on your drive by installing chain across the entrance.

Quality Construction

The chain and posts are made from quality UV stabilised plastics that can be used indoor and outdoor. The chain has a small amount of stretch in it so will not break easily if tugged or trodden on. All components within the plastic post and chain system can be recycled if needed.

Different Colours

We stock two colour schemes of the post and chain barriers currently, these include a red and white chain as well as a yellow and black chain. The chain is available in 6mm and lengths of 5metre and 25 metres.

Spares & Accessories

If you need any spare base units, more plastic chain or posts we have all components available individually to buy online or by phone. There are also ‚Äúcone connectors‚ÄĚ available to allow the use of standard traffic cones as posts. This can allow you to transform any two traffic cones into a simple barrier.

Plastic Post And Chain Barrier Map

How Many Plastic Posts are Needed

We recommend that you use a post every three metres. We offer plastic post and chain kits in the following configurations;

  • 5-metre chain - 2 Posts
  • 5-metre Chain - 3 Posts
  • 25-metre Chain - 2 Post
  • 25-metre Chain - 8 Posts
  • 25-metre Chain - 10 Posts

This gives great flexibility for you to deploy the posts how best suits your needs. Remember if you want to create a corner in your post and chain fence you will need an additional post. These can be purchased in addition to your standard kit where required.

The easiest thing to do to work out how much post and chain you need is to use graph paper and draw it. By putting a dot at each corner to represent a post and every three or 2.5 squares you will quickly determine how many posts are required.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about our plastic post and chain fencing system then please contact us on our freephone number +44 (0)1905 794875. Our sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

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