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Portable Crowd Control Barriers For Sale

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Portable Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are commonly used to control the flow of pedestrian traffic or keep spectators at events out of harm's way. Almost all public events require some form of crowd control system in place.

The crowd barriers are used not only for the safety of people attending an event but to ensure everyone has attended by creating simple ‘checkpoints’.

We stock several types of crowd control barrier, including metal, fixed leg, loose leg, and plastic. More information on all of these can be found further down the page.

Image of Crowd Control Barricades Deployed

Key Applications;

  • Queue Control – Ensure that large volumes of people conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. These barriers can be used to form orderly queue systems, preventing queue jumping.
  • Checkpoints – These can be for security, including bag checkpoints to ensure that “contraband” or dangerous items are not brought into a festival or event. It can also be used for financial reasons by funnelling people to a checkpoint where tickets can be checked.
  • Safety Perimeter – Although these are mostly used for controlling crowds they are still often seen on construction sites forming a “safety perimeter”. This may be surrounding a specific piece of equipment where a certain level of PPE is required, or even around an entire construction site.
  • Race Safety - When participating in marathons or cycle races the last thing anyone wants to see is a child or pedestrian unknowingly walk into the path of the race. By lining the kerbside with crowd barriers you will form an unbroken chain of barriers, preventing unintended “event participation”.
  • Crowd Control – As the name suggests, anywhere there is a crowd these products will be found. Controlling the flow of pedestrians and ensuring that everyone has a good time and stays in “safe areas”.

Key Types of Portable Crowd barriers

Image of Boss Barrier System


These are relatively new to the market when compared to traditional steel items. They can be supplied in a variety of colours (although grey, in this case, seems the most popular) and are very strong. Benefits include that they have no scrap metal value, so are not tempting to scrap metal thieves.


There are several subtypes of metal crowd control barriers, but these are mostly focussed around the finish of the product.

  • Pre-Galvanised – These barriers come in a “plain” finish showing the zinc colour of the metal the barriers are coated in.
  • Powder Coated – These are supplied in Red and White, although other colours can be supplied on request.
  • Loose Leg – These barriers have removable, separate feet that make the barriers easier to transport and stack.
  • Fixed Leg – These barriers may take up a little more space when stacked, but they can be deployed much faster than the loose leg type.
Crowd Control Barriers Infront Of A Wall

A selection of metal barriers in their various finishes.

Common Features of all the crowd control barriers for sale

Hard Wearing

All our barriers, regardless of which type you choose are hard wearing and durable. They can be deployed multiple times without issue.

Link Together

All our barriers link together to form an extended chain. This ensures that no one can “slip through the cracks” and get into harm’s way.


All our crowd control barriers can be stacked in one way or another. This makes them cost effective to transport and store.


When they do come to the end of their useful lifespan, all our barriers can be recycled easily at commonly found facilities.


For the metal type barriers, there are plenty of accessories available. These all make handling the barriers easier and working with them safer. The most popular accessories include:

  • Gateways – These can either be an open frame or with a gate fixed in the barrier. These are ideal for use on construction sites or at checkpoints. When used on construction sites PPE warning boards are often displayed adjacent to the gate.
  • Stillages – These frames can be used with metal crowd barriers to ensure they do not get damaged in transit. They also facilitate higher stacking of the barriers in storage or on vehicles.

For plastic crowd barriers, there are “winge boards” available allowing health and safety information to be displayed as well as the organisers contact details or sponsorship information.

Montage of Crowd barrier types

Cannot find the crowd control system you are looking for?

Give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will be happy to take any questions you may have and assist you in finding the right crowd control barrier for your needs. We have a wide range of manufacturers that we work directly with to produce unique and durable barriers that really “stand out from the crowd”.

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