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Heavy Duty Cable Ramps

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Cable Protectors For Heavy Duty Applications

It is quite often necessary to run a cable across areas where either pedestrians or heavy vehicles are passing by. The cables may be audio cable at a concert, or high voltage power running from a generator. Either way, the cable needs protection from the passing traffic.

Our cable protection range is one of the best there is, with a huge selection to choose from. Within this selection, there is drop over cable covers, and ramps that can withstand up to 18,300kg per axle! So whether you need to protect several small cables or one giant one, we have you “covered”.

Our range is produced primarily by Checkers International. Checkers produce some of the best industrial cable ramps and wheel chocks in the market. They have an established and well-supported product range and produce quality high-density, ultra-strong cable protectors.

Tractor Crossing Checkers Cable Ramps

Cable Protector in pedestrian area

It’s Not Just About Cable Protection

The people walking over the cables need protection just as much as the cable underneath. Health and safety guidelines dictate that you should make every effort to remove trip hazards. All of the cable protectors we provide have brightly coloured options. This makes them easy for pedestrians to see and stops them tripping over cables.

The channels and lids are made from non-conductive materials, so the ramp also helps reduce any risk of electrocution from the cable within.

Cable Protectors That Securely Stay Locked Together

Our range of cable protectors has interlocking lugs that ensure each section stays fastened to the next. This again improves safety ensuring that trip risks cannot be created by units becoming unhitched. It also prevents cables from being damaged by becoming exposed and getting run over without protection.

Cable Protector Interlocking Connectors

Not just for Cables But For Hoses too!

All of these ramps are available with different channel sizes, some of them can be used to accommodate hoses, such as high-pressure lines at a car wash for instance. When used in this application they are commonly known as a “hose bridge”.

Different Weight Capacities

These ramps come in designs ranging from pedestrian grade to HGV grade, whichever type you need we will have something to suit your needs.

Drop-over Or Drop-in

There are two key styles of ramp, the drop in and the drop over. The drop over simply lay over the top of a cable and offer protection simply by acting as a bridge. No load from above is passed to the cable

The drop in has a lid that is lifted, the cables are then laid securely inside of the channels within before the lid is closed. The benefit of the drop over protection is the speed that it can be installed. The benefit of the drop in protection is that it surrounds the cable 360 degrees.

Still Not Sure What You Need?

Give us a call on our sales line at +44 (0)1905 794875 to speak to one of our sales team, they will be happy to assist you in finding the best possible cable ramp for your needs at the best price.

Single Channel Cable Protectors

Max Weight
(per axle)
Channel SizeModel No.Wheelchair Friendly

Twin Channel Cable Protectors

Max Weight
(per axle)
Channel SizeModel No.Wheelchair Friendly

Three Channel Cable Protectors

Max Weight
(per axle)
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Five Channel Cable Protectors

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(per axle)
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