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Spades & Shovels For Commercial & End Users

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Showing 1 to 27 of 27 (1 Pages)

Professional Shovels & Spades For Sale

If you are looking for a high-quality spade or digging shovel, then at Start Safety UK, we have what you need. We work with high-quality brands to ensure you only get the best professional-grade digging tools for your job.

Within our shovels for sale, you will find various types of tools designed for multiple applications, from insulated BS8020 tools for use around live power to standard garden digging spades for landscapers and hobby gardeners.

With forged steel heads on most of our heavy-duty shovels, you can expect a long and enduring life from your chosen digging tool. We also stock and sell a range of replacement handles, allowing you to self-service and repair the tool should you need to at the end of its working life.

Manmade spade being used

Key Shovel & Spade Types Explained

Square Mouth Shovel

No.2 Square Mouth

Ideal for mixing or shovelling tarmac, concrete and cement. Its larger wide blade makes moving the bulk of materials easier.

Taper Mouth Shovel

No.2 Taper Mouth

An alternative to the square mouth, with a narrowed leading edge, it can cut through cement and materials with greater ease.

Cable Layer Shovel Heaad

1-Way Cable Layer

Suitable for digging very narrow trenches for a single cable or pipe.

GPO spade head

GPO 2-Way Trench

Slightly wider than the 1-way alternative, allowing a trench wide enough for two cables or pipes to be laid.

Newcastle Drainer Head Detail

Newcastle Drainer

Features a dished design for digging deep, narrow trenches, post holes, drainage channels and more, a truly multipurpose spade.

General Service Treaded Spade

Treaded General Service Spade

Features a pointed blade that makes breaking ground easier yet has a blade big enough for shovelling.

Treaded Spade Head Detail

Treaded Spade

This general-purpose spade features a curved leading edge, making digging and shaping trenches easier.

Clay Grafter Head Detail

Clay Grafter

This spade is perfect for hard clay soils where a narrow spade is all that will penetrate or cut the soil.

Round Mouth Spade Head Detail

Round Mouth

Similar to the treaded General Service spade, this tool is broader and longer, giving it more “load capacity” whilst still featuring a point for breaking ground.

When choosing your spade or shovel, the key thing to consider is that a wider head will make moving soil and aggregates in bulk easier at the expense of “cutting” ground. A narrower spade will be better at cutting into the ground and digging holes; it will, however, take a long time to move material. A compromise is a pointed blade that balances both load capacity and cutting tough soil.

Spade & Shovel Handle Options

Getting the best digging spade can often depend on personal preference; there are some instances, though, where there is a requirement for a tool to have a specific handle, such as an insulated handle, when working around live power cables and rails.

Shocksafe Handle

ShockSafe Handles

Shocksafe shovels are insulated to the requirements of BS8020:2011 tools for live working.

Polyfibre Handle

PolyFibre Handles

A fibreglass handle that is comfortable to use and offers great hand protection but is not insulated.

All Steel Handle

All Steel Handled

These spades have a one-piece construction and are fitted with a wooden grip. This option is on most of our shovels as “All Steel MYD Handle”.


Ash MYD Wooden Handled

These tools feature an enclosed handle and an ash mid-shaft that absorbs shocks and is impact-resistant.

Ash T Shaped

Ash Shaped T Handles

These shovels have a “T” shaped handle that is preferred by some, with both the handle and shaft being made from Ash.

Long Handled

Long Handled

These are available in a mixture of materials, including all steel and Shocksafe, among others. They are great for reaching deep into excavations without bending.

Shovel & Spade Jargon and Terminology Buster

Parts of a spade
  • Forged - Our best heavy-duty shovels and professional digging spades are made from one piece of forged metal. This means there are no welds, which is often where cheaper shovels fail.
  • Blade - The blade or scoop is the part of the tool that meets the ground and does the hard work.
  • Cutting Edge - This refers to the leading edge of the blade; its shape, curvature and sharpness will dictate how easily the spade or shovel cuts through material whilst shovelling or digging.
  • Handle - This is the part your rear hand grips; this can be either a Y-shaped with a cross handle or a T shape.
  • Shaft - This is the part of the spade that connects the handle to the socket of the blade.
  • Socket - This sits at the rear of the blade on some spades and is where the handle connects to the blade.
  • Treaded - Forward treaded spades and shovels feature flats at the back of the blade that allow you to apply greater pressure with your foot whilst maintaining precision and comfort.
  • BS8020 - Tools marked as being BS8020 compliant are insulated and are required when working around live conductors and buried cables.

Need Help Finding The Right Spade Or Shovel For Your Needs?

Whether you are looking for a builder's shovel or a shovel for your garden, we are here to help. Call our friendly sales team today on +44 (0)1905 794875; they will cut through the range and dig for the best deals to ensure you get a spade that is right for the job and fits your budgets requirements.

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