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Quality Tamper Tools, Punners & Rammers

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Professional Hand Punner Tools & Tampers

When hardcore, tarmac or other surface needs compacting in confined spaces or areas with restricted access, there is no replacement for hand tamper tools. These simple tools use a weighted head to compress a sub-surface such as hardcore, making sure there are no voids that could cause surface issues. They can also be used to finish tarmac surfaces, giving a uniform, compacted final finish without voids.

With various head styles available, we have punner rammer tools for almost every situation. Our standard square punner tamper tools are ideal for working along the edge of buildings where heavy rollers cannot access or have left a ridge line. Our Kidney punner features various compound curves, allowing you to work around pipework, drain openings and other obstructions to achieve an outstanding finish.

We only work with the best manufacturers, such as Richard Carter Tools, who have made hand tools since the 1700s. Our comprehensive range of hand rammer tools includes BS8020 variants suitable for use around live cables, as well as standard variants for everyday jobs.

Carters shocksafe range

Key Features of Our Professional Hand Compactor Tools & Ground Tamper Tools

BS8020 compliant hand tools


If you are working around power cables or suspect there may be buried power lines, then our Shocksafe BS8020 range is what you need.

Handle Material

Handle Material

With a choice of super-strong fibreglass, wood, and steel handles, you can choose the material that best suits your needs and application.

Different Weights

Different Weights

Choose from different weights of head, allowing you to strike harder or cover a larger area faster with a larger head.

Square Head

Square Head

Perfect for working alongside brick walls, finishing detailing around foundations or reinstatements, or removing the ridge left by rolling equipment.

Kidney Heads

Kidney Heads

The ideal tool for working around pipework and other rounded obstructions and obstacles.

Need Help Finding The Right Heavy-Duty Ground Dampter Tool?

Our sales team are here to help you find the right professional tamper tool for your needs; whether it's for a DIY project or a fleet of contractor vehicles, they will help find the tool that is the best fit. Call the team on +44 (0)1905 794875 during normal business hours to place your order and get fast and friendly assistance.

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