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All Types Of Hammers, Professional Grade

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Hammers - Buy From The Best Hammer Brands

If you are looking for a new hammer for your toolbag, then we have what you need at Start Safety. We stock everything from a simple all-steel claw hammer right through to insulated sledge hammers and keying hammers. All of these are made from quality materials and manufactured by reputable brands that have a proven track record ensuring you get a hammer that will get the job done.

Our comprehensive range of hammers allows us to service every customer, from the humble DIY enthusiast to the professional builder and specialist rail network engineer. Our helpful team are here to help you find the best hammers for your money and make an educated choice when browsing all the types of hammers we offer.

Some of the specialist hammers we offer include BS8020 insulated hammers; these can be found easily by looking for BS8020 or Shocksafe in the product name. Other specialist hammers include paving mauls, fence post hammers, walling hammers, ball peen hammers and many, many more. We offer a choice of handle materials on most ranges, allowing you to get a handle that suits your preference and application.

Claw hammer beinbg used

Get The Right Hammer Handle

BS8020 Compliant Tools

BS8020 / Shocksafe

A specialist insulated handle that can protect the user from shocks from live conductors and cables. Often required for use on utility and rail infrastructure sites.

All Steel Handle

All Steel

Forged from a single piece of steel, our all-steel claw hammers feature an over mould for comfort but are otherwise a single-piece construction and nearly indestructible.

All Wooden Handle


Traditional Wooden handled hammers offer a lightweight handle with intrinsic shock absorption due to the natural characteristics of wood.

Lump Hammer


A fibreglass handle is a modern alternative to wood these tools feature overmouds for added grip and comfort and are lighter weight than its all-steel counterparts.

Key Types Of Hammers In Our Range

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammers

Curved claw hammers are the go-to hammer for most people, they feature a striking face and a rear claw for prying and removing nails. Available with a choice of handles.

Lump Hammer

Lump Hammers

These heavy hammers are used for striking cold chisels and are heavier than most single-handed hammers. They are available with a choice of handle materials and different head weights.

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammers

The heaviest hitters in the range, with heads weighing as much as 14kg and extra long handles for two-handed use. These deliver a heavy blow and are used for knocking heavy equipment pins in place or striking tools.

Brick Hammer

Brick Hammers

These are similar to a claw hammer but feature a rear chisel for cutting bricks to size. They are used by builders and brick layers primarily. Available with a choice of handle materials.

Rubber Maul


Available in a range of styles, these feature a rubber or wooden head and are designed for setting paving slaps, or delicate items in place.

Ball Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammers

An engineering hammer with a ball head on the rear, used for shaping materials, and available in a wide range of sizes.

Key Parts Of a Hammer

Parts of a hammer
  • Head - The part of the hammer that carries the weight and makes the tool useful, this can be twin-sided with a different tool on either side.
  • Face - This is the striking surface, which can be bright-faced (plain milled steel) depending on the hammer.
  • Handle - This can vary in length and be made from wood, fibreglass, plastic or steel.
  • Grip - This component is not on every tool, and is used to facilitate greater grip of the tool by the user whilst using the tool.
  • Claw - Only present on claw hammers, this is used to remove nails by using the tool as a lever.

Need Help Finding The Right Hammer for Your Needs?

If you are struggling to strike it lucky and find the right hammer for your needs, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They are fast, and friendly and will help you find the right tool for the job without hammering your budget. You can contact them by phone on +44 (0)1905 794875 or drop them a message through our chat box.

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