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High Quality Digging Bars

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Heavy Duty Digging Bars For Contractors

Our range of heavy-duty digging bars makes excavating post holes and trenches in confined spaces far easier than it otherwise would be. Their compact size makes them suitable for use in areas where digging machines cannot access. They are supplied in a range of designs with different working tips, allowing you to pry, chisel and break apart the ground.

We supply this range post post-hole digging bars with a selection of handle types, from the Shocksafe variants (marked with BS8020) that are suitable for use around live wires carrying up to 1000v to those that are fully steel. Some of our heavier bars are suitable for prying apart brickwork and smashing through the rock so that you can easily shovel out the debris.

If you need to dig a hole by hand, these tools can be indispensable as they can be used in areas where even a pick axe would be unwieldy. Our digging bars come from reputable manufacturers with, in some cases, hundreds of years of experience in the industry.

digging bar in use

Key Features of Our Best Digging Bars



If you are working around power cables or suspect there may be buried power lines, then our Shocksafe BS8020 range is what you need.

Handle Material Options

Handle Material

With a choice of super-strong fibreglass handles and steel handles, you can choose the material that best suits your needs and application.

One Piece digging bar

One-piece construction

Many of our bars are made from a single piece of metal bar for exceptional strength and durability.

Weight Icon

Different Weights

With heavier bars carrying more momentum, it is easier to dig and cut through hard soils by letting the tool do the work.

Different lengths

Different Lengths

Our range of bars for digging come in different lengths, all suited to different applications and space constraints.

Chisel Tip

Blade Tip

A wide blade tip such as that on our Mushroom digging bar can be used to shape a hole or cut through roots.


Chisel Tip

A narrow chisel tip can be used to break up hard soil with stones in it, making it easier to use a spade or fork.

Point End

Point Tip

Can be used to cut through big rocks and stones that cross your path.

Double-ended digging bar

Double Purpose

Many of our digging bars have two ends that are finished with tools.

Other Digging Tools To Consider

Post Hole Spades

These long-handled spades feature narrow blades that are specifically designed for making post holes or digging narrow, deep trenches.


We have specially designed scoops for retrieving spoil from the bottom of narrow post holes.

Scissor Shovels

These scissor action shovels make light work of digging post holes and deep narrow excavations.

Tired Of Rooting Around For The Best Digging Bar For Your Needs?

Our team will be happy to help you find the best type of digging bar for your needs, they can be contacted on +44 (0)1905 794875. With a wide range of products to draw from, we will help you get the right tool for the job at a price that suits your budget. From a fencers crowbar to a simple pry bar, we can do fast delivery from stock!

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