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Heavy Duty Crowbars & Wrecking Bars

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Heavy Duty Crowbars, Wrecking Bars & Pry Bars

If you want to break down a brick wall, pry apart a wooden structure or break up a concrete foundation, then our range of heavy-duty wrecking bars is hard to beat. With most items in the range being forged from single pieces of steel, these tools are hard-wearing and can withstand significant leverage.

This range has some crossover with our range of digging bars, with many tools featuring chisel and point ends that are ideal for digging in confined spaces. Our heel-ended tools are where the range is designed for demolition and destruction. With tools up to 72” (1800mm) long, you can easily increase your work effort through the use of simple physics, allowing you to move and break up material with ease.

Our traditional crowbar tools feature a claw end and are available in various sizes, allowing you to get the best crowbar tools for the job at hand. The claw end of the tool can be used both for levering materials apart and for pulling redundant fixings, such as those too stubborn to move with a hammer.

Wrecking Bar Claw End

Getting The Best Heavy Duty Wrecking Bar, Key Considerations & Features

digging bars, crowbars, multiple lengths

Multiple Lengths

With our smallest crowbar coming in at only 610mm and our longest at 1800mm, you have a vast range of choices to get into tight spaces and get the best leverage you can.

Point End

Point End

Ideal for breaking up clay and tough soil, the point end is much like a spear and can be driven into materials.

Chisel End

Chisel End

This end can be used to shave material off or be driven into tight spaces where a heel end won't fit.

Claw End

Claw End

Otherwise known as a nail puller, this end is featured on crowbars and can be used for pulling nails that are too stubborn for a claw hammer.

Double Ended Bar


Most of our tools are twin-ended with a different end at each extremity.

All Steel Bar

All Steel

Most of our crowbars for sale are made from high-quality forged medium carbon steel for exceptional strength and durability.

Fibreglass or Steel Shaft

Fiberglass Shaft

Some of the wrecking bars for sale in our range include fibreglass shafts that make the tool lighter to work than all steel alternatives.

Need Help Finding The Right Tool For The Job?

Whether you are a contractor on-site or a demolition DIYer, you can leverage our experience and be sure you are getting the right tool to get the job done quickly and safely. Our friendly sales team are here to help you on +44 (0)1905 794875; they can check stocks, and prices and even work out bulk deal prices for you. Don't forget we offer fast next-day shipping on most items, including our huge range of PPE!

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