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Buy Telescopic Camera Poles For Inspection | Carbon Fibre

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Telescopic Camera Pole | Carbon Fibre

Inspect hard to reach and see areas such as roofs and drains, this carbon fibre telescopic camera pole with a camera mount is the ideal tool you need. These inspection poles are extremely lightweight, easy to use and feature a 1/4 inch camera mount on the head of the pole which simply screws into the bottom of most digital and DSLR cameras (for use with other types of camera, you may need an additional attachment).

This camera pole is perfect for quick inspection of hard to reach areas where it is not feasible to use expensive equipment such as a drone or a scissor lift. It is available in a range of sizes ranging from 5.4m (18ft) all the way up to 18.28 (60ft) giving you many options of which pole is right for your inspection needs. The poles are made from high-quality carbon fibre giving you an extremely lightweight camera pole that will serve its purpose with ease. We also stock the Aluminium Telescopic Camera pole which is available in sizes from 3.04m (10ft) to 10.9m (36ft) for smaller heights that still require inspection.

The main body of the pole is made up of 4-8 sections depending on the size you purchase. This allows the pole to be compact when it needs to be for storage or transport. Each section is separated by anti-pinch clamps with screw tightening clasps to lock the pole sections when extended avoiding the accidental collapsing of the pole when in use causing accidental damage or injury.

Camera On Telescopic Pole

Camera Screw On Top Of Telescopic Pole

Key Features Of The Telescopic Camera Pole

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Integrated camera mount head
  • Anti-pinch clamp
  • Single person use
  • High-quality Carbon Fibre shaft
  • Super long reach

Pre Attached Camera Mounting Screw

This pole features a 5mm screw on the head of the mounting bracket which allows most digital cameras and DSLRs to screw straight onto the pole with no additional fixings or bracketry. Simply screw into the camera and you're good to inspect those hard to see areas. For smaller cameras such as GoPros, you may require a mounting bracket for use with this pole.

Where Are These Telescopic Camera Poles Used?

The carbon fibre inspection pole is used in a wide variety of applications from inspection by police, by photographers as an aerial photography mast for elevated photography or by contractors for roofing or gutter inspection when quoting customers. The super lightweight nature of this pole allows for inspection of areas that would otherwise require alternative means to inspect such as a cherry picker or a drone.

Telescopic Sections, Compact Design

The main telescopic mast of the inspection pole is made up of 4-8 sections depending on the size of the pole purchased. These sections are made from high-quality Aluminium which will not bend or snap when extended giving you a safe system to use as a roof inspection pole or taking images of hard to reach areas for research purposes. The collapsed length of these poles is a fraction of the extended length making them easy to transport and store when not in use.

Anti-Pinch Clamps For Safe Use

Once extended and in use, the last thing you want is for one of the telescopic sections to collapse unexpectedly and cause damage to the operator, the pole or the camera. To stop this, the inspection pole comes fitted with anti-pinch clamps with screw tightening mechanisms, so you can comfortably and safely lock each section to avoid any unexpected surprises when surveying areas or performing aerial photography.

High-Quality Pole Sections

Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the telescopic pole is extremely lightweight with the lightest in the range weighing only 1.2kg and the largest pole 18.2m (60ft) weighing only 3.7kg meaning one person can use any of these poles with ease. For safety reasons, it is advisable to not use this pole in full extension in harsh weather conditions to eliminate the possibility of damage to the pole, camera, pedestrians or property.

Anti Pinch Clamps Focus

Looking For Extended Knowledge Before Making Your Decision?

If you have more questions about the telescopic pole and its features before you make your decision on which one you need. Call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will be more than happy to talk you through this product in more detail and help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

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