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Trolley Bay Shelters

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Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)

Internal and External Trolley Bay Shelters

Trolley shelters are an essential addition to any supermarket car park or entrance, allowing efficient trolley management and weather protection, extending trolley lifespan. Strong winds can scatter shopping carts across a parking lot, causing damage to both stationary and moving vehicles, as well as posing a risk to pedestrians. Prolonged exposure to rain can accelerate the corrosion process over extended periods. Opting for shopping cart shelters with walls and vents that allow wind to pass through is an excellent solution.

Trolley bay shelters are perfect for keeping car parks tidy and keeping customers safe, offering customers tidy and efficient trolley storage space.
Shopping trolley shelters often act as a central storage location for customer convenience, and customers will frequently use these points to help orient themselves within a car park before or after shopping.

Roll back strips to stop trolleys accidentally leaving or being blown out of a trolley bay can also be provided if needed.

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Bespoke Design Solutions

Build a shelter tailored to your specific requirements by exploring our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category. Here, you have the option to assemble a structure with custom dimensions using frames and panels.

Alternatively, you can choose from our staff-designed and hand-prepared assortment of prebuilt Trolley Bay Shelters on this page. You might also find what you’re looking for by exploring our whole collection of smoking shelters, cycle shelters, bus shelters, bin shelters, paypoint shelters, and walkway shelters.

Car Park Trolley Bay


Trolley bay shelters, like most of our range of trolley shelters, are not only modular but can be used interchangeably. This means if you can’t find the perfect shelter for your trolley bay in the trolley bay shelters, you may find a style that better fits what you’re looking for in a different category, such as covered walkways or bin shelters.

Fantastic UV resistance is of high importance for trolley bay shelters, considering their usual installation location, so consider this when making your selection.

Procity Voute Shelter Walkway

Factors to Consider

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a trolley shelter:

  • Size - Standard size trolley bays occupy an area equivalent to one car parking space, although some may have a width spanning two parking spaces to accommodate additional trolleys side by side.
  • Materials - Must be made from weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials such as a steel, wooden or aluminium frame. Panels must be made from a material able to withstand daily impact from different sized trolleys, such as perspex.
Trolleys Left In Car Pakr Near trolley bay

Where and When Should I Install a Trolley Bay Shelter?

Supermarket trolley bays can be installed in a surprisingly large range of different spaces, from the obvious supermarket car park to shopping malls, from warehouses to transportation hubs.

They should be installed in large spaces like car parks or warehouses so customers can quickly and easily locate a trolley when shopping.

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