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Litter Bins

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Waste and Litter Bins For Outdoor Spaces

Commercial litter bins, also known as rubbish bins or waste receptacles, play a vital role in waste management. They offer a designated space for disposing of waste, recyclables, and sometimes compostable food waste. Bins help keep a range of environments clean, such as public spaces, offices, parks, and commercial areas. They reduce littering by providing a place for people to dispose of their rubbish.

Street bins play an important role in promoting responsible waste disposal and are essential in every public space. They can take all types of waste but are often relegated to accepting just waste for landfill. This is because commercial recycling bins and dog waste bins are now common in public spaces which are designed and installed to remove specific types of waste.

Procity Kube Waste Bin Located In An Urban Environment

Environmental Impact

While the main purpose of installing a bin is to improve the immediate environment, outdoor litter bins can still affect the overall environment.

The materials used for bins affect the environment. Opting for eco-friendly choices like wood and recycled plastic (like HPL) is better. Street furniture (including bins) manufactured by Procity, for example, are built with sustainable materials so as to conform to Procity's company values.

Eco-Responsible Procity Silaos Bin Made From Renewable Materials Located In Park

Factors To Consider When Buying A Waste Bin

The following factors should be considered when choosing the best litter bin for your space:

  • Capacity - The bin should be big enough to hold the waste generated in the area until it's emptied.
  • Build Material - Outside bins endure a lot of wear, so consider durable materials like stainless steel or UV-resistant plastics to withstand year-round outdoor conditions.
  • Tamper Proof & Maintenance Friendly - Choose bins that are easy to clean and maintain, promoting regular upkeep and improved hygiene.
  • Access - Ensure the bin is easily accessible to people of all ages and abilities, including those with disabilities.
  • Protection - The bin should protect its contents from potential weather hasards (like wind and rain) as well as scavenging animals.

If you need a hand, contact a member of our friendly team for a chat about your options.

Modular Seat Bench Set in a Row

Maintenance Tips

Because of their very nature, bins have to be one of the most hardy, long-lasting items of street furniture in your open space. Simple maintenance practices can significantly enhance the lifespan and performance of a bin:

Public Bin Being Kicked In By Vandal

Damage Inspection

Regularly check bins for any signs of damage, such as cracks, dents, or loose parts. Repair or replace damaged bins to maintain their functionality.

Large Herring At Seaside Resort Looking For Food In Bin

Pest Control

If necessary, enforce pest control measures to prevent insects and rodents from moving in. Make sure that lids close securely to keep pests away, and use repellents if needed.

Wall Mounted Ashtray Bollard

Graffiti Removal

If bins are vandalised with graffiti, remove the graffiti using appropriate cleaning agents. Consider using bins with anti-graffiti coatings if this is an expected issue.

Broken CCTV Camera Surveillance Failed

Secure Fixtures

Ensure the bins are securely fixed to the ground to prevent theft or vandalism. Use anti-tamper screws if necessary.

Bin In Need Of Liner Changing And Maintenance

Bin Liner Replacement

This should be done relatively often to avoid overflows and safeguard a hygienic environment. Consider using liners with odour-absorbing properties.

Bin In Need Of Liner Changing And Maintenance

Seasonal Considerations

Adapt the frequency at which bins are emptied and maintained during different seasons. Be mindful of snow and ice buildup around the bins in colder climates. In hotter climates, be aware of odours that may develop over short spans of time.

Do You Need A Shelter For Your Bin(s)?

Litter bin shelters help keep outdoor spaces clean. They protect bins from adverse weather, preventing overflow and maintaining a neat appearance for the space. These shelters greatly improve waste disposal products' look (and functionality!) in communal areas.

Alternatively, you can build a shelter tailored to your specific requirements by exploring our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category. Here, you have the option to assemble a structure from scratch with custom dimensions using frames and panels.

Procity Modulo Bin Shelter Installed In Green Space

Other Options

Bins are versatile by design, modular and adaptable to different environments. If you can't find what you need in our rubbish bins, check our other categories, like recycling bins, cigarette bins, dog waste bins, or child-friendly bins, where you might find something more adapted to your needs.

Procity Lofoten Light Weight Installed In Urban Area

Recycling? Bin There, Done That…

If you need help choosing the best bin for your space or would simply like to talk about the options your open space can provide, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875.
You can also send us an instant message using the live chat box below!

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